Sunday, October 30

Nothing Profound to Say...

"Excellence is Not a Skill - it's an Attitude"
- source unknown

It's the end of October already.  My last post was at the start of October, and still I don't have alot to share with you.  It's not that there hasn't been anything happening much in my life.  Quite the contrary.  There is alot happening as per usual.  However I seemed to have lost interest in sharing my life via blogland.  I'm thinking it might be a phase I'm going through. 

I've discovered that I get alot more done in my life when I'm not blogging or continually on facebook.  I haven't been reading any blogs (my apologies if that offends you), and it's not that I'm not interested in anyone's life, it's just that I have so much going on.  And since moving into our new home, life is more labour intensive...bigger home, bigger yard, husband away alot - therefore more things to do with the same amount of time.

But you know, I'm quite enjoying it.  I'm achieving so much more.  I'm a person of action, and this allows me to 'act' rather than live precariously through other people's lives.  Not that, that is what I do.  But sometimes you can get so caught up in reading about other people's lives that you fail to live your own life.

I haven't much to say about my current fitness goals really.  Suffice to say that I'm back on track and 100% on plan for nutrition (apart from the weekend) and finally starting to see the scales move down.  Though it's been a struggle internally to make that decision.  I have about 3kgs to go still before I'm back to lean, but I'm happy right now in my life and more accepting of ups and downs.

I'm here for another week, and I'll be off for 3 weeks for the AR and I'll be back end of November.  I'm looking forward to it, though I hear that where I'm heading, there is no formal gym or PT sessions.  Just a running track.  So I will have to get creative and apart from running will have to put together some bodyweight exercises to keep me challenged.  And I should have enough free time to be able to train daily (fingers crossed).  So my goal is to come back 3kg's lighter. :)  Here's hoping.

Anyway...I thought I'd include a photo of Pauline Nordin just for the heck of it, and I like the quote.  I think it says alot.

I believe that excellence isn't something we need to necessarily shoot off at the mouth about.  It doesn't have to be glamourous or exciting.  It's something we should be living on a daily basis.

So that's a wrap up, and I'll hopefully post upon my return.  Though it's getting close to Christmas then...e-gads!  A lovely time of the year.   So many things to do upon my return, and you know the most exciting part of my life right now?  I can't wait to build my compost bays, raised vege garden and I'm hoping we may have a couple of (bantam) chickens at Christmas (for Philomena). Oh...and start the my native cottage garden design (waiting on my book to arrive).   Of course, when I get back.  Oh..and I also look forward to setting some new training goals.   So much to little time! 

Thursday, October 6

What Gardening and Your Health Goals Have in Common

Australian Native Cottage Garden

Would you believe that we have been in our new house for one month already! We have settled in nicely, though it will take some months to unpack everything and put things in their rightful place.  I'm really enjoying the solitude and tranquility, and today even though it's drizzling rain, it's beautiful as I sit here at the kitchen table looking out to our private rainforest.

Something I'm really enjoying is weeding.  Yes...weeding.  Try's very therapeutic!

There are alot of weeds here, and before I can even begin to design my Australian Native cottage garden, I need to eradicate all the weeds.  We basically have no's mostly weeds.  So it's quite a labourious job killing off weeds and then replacing them with grass.  It's not something that happens quickly.  Not only is the lawn full of weeds, but the garden bed at the front is full of them as well. Though, I've made some headway into the weeding there. 

In the garden bed, only pulling out weeds by hand is suitable.  And you have to make sure that when you pull them out, you get the roots and all, otherwise they will just grow back.  I use a little spade to help me get in under the roots in the soil a little, and then I give a nice little tug on the weed, as close to bottom of the plant as possible.

I think I'm developing some little OCD tendencies built around keeping the house clean and...weeding!  I just can't stop once I start.  I like to see them disappear and see nice clean soil before me. what does gardening and your health goals have in common?

While I was tinkering away pulling out weeds, I was thinking about how my garden would look once it was all designed, planted and growing.  I have visions of how I want my garden to look.   It's what inspires me to keep weeding.  It's the end that I have in mind, and that's what keeps me going and doing what needs to be done in the garden and around the yard.

I was wondering how anybody could let the weeds get this bad and let the yard look so unkept.  Didn't they see the garden as it could be?  Could they not imagine how spectacular a garden could be created here  and what veritable treasures await? 

My favourite deep red Geranium

Lovely lavender pansies

My Pierre De Ronsarde climbing roses never disappoint

Could they not see the potential.?  And did they not see what treasures could be revealed with a little imagination and a little effort?

So while I was contemplating upon this while weeding, I came to the realisation that our journey of health and fitness is alot like gardening.

Before you can really take that first step of creating a healthier and fitter you, you must first imagine the end result of YOU in your head. So you need to look at your journey as a landscape (being you) design project.  I think to get real and lasting results, you need to have a vision of how you want to be. 

So what potential lies before and in you?  What can you see and create?  You too are like a garden and you have many treasures to uncover.  What spectacular visions can you see of the project (you) which you are about to begin creating?

With that in mind, the first step in designing (you) once you have that vision, is write down all the steps required to achieve that vision to begin your project (you).  You should research all the information you need so that you know that you have the correct information at hand to achieve what you want and what is right for you.  That information can come from many different sources...books, internet, professionals, friends who have achieved what you aim for and can help with support and encouragement,etc.  You get the picture.

Next are all the tools required.  They could include gym membership;  maybe some home equipment; the right food, so you can make good food choices, etc, etc.

Now...once you start your little project, you might find that some things don't go exactly according to your original design plan, so you might have to do some tweaking along the way.  But once you've started and you're on your way you'll gather some momentum.  You'll see the fruits of your labour starting to blossom and the first signs of change and growth in your garden (you).  Hopefully, this will inspire you to keep moving toward achieving your project (you).

As we all know, some of the best laid plans can come unstuck.  Sometimes it's through our own neglect; sometimes it's because something happens and it's beyond your control, and all of a sudden your project has taken a back seat in the priority stakes for what ever reason.

And this is the most vulnerable and dangerous time.  This is when you need to be vigilant.  This is the time when those weeds begin to appear.  Those weeds can take the form of slipping into bad habits, making wrong food choices or not going to the gym, and many more.  Some weeds are worse than others and if you're not careful, those weeds can then begin to proliferate and take over, threatening the realisation of your project (you).

But take heart, because if you still have that vision of your design project (you) in your head and it's a strong vision, then it will haunt you.  Better still to have your design project in front of you where you can see it and you're constantly reminded of its' presence.  Because if you can do this, whatever little events or diversions which take you off-course temporarily, you will come back to your project, and do some necessary weeding and clearing of your garden (you).  You can then begin again to see with clarity, the vision of your design project (you). you need to do some weeding?  Try's very therapeutic and you'll feel so much better once you've done a little.

I've been doing a little lately and I intend to get it under control very soon with a whole lot more. ,  And you know, just with a little weeding so far, I'm already feeling a whole lot better.

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