Saturday, November 29

Back from Holidays

Photo 1: Anthony & Phil - chocolate ice-cream - Australia Zoo
Photo 2: Kerry & Phil - Elephant feeding at Aussie Zoo
Photo 3: Petah Lynch & Kerry - coffee at 'Sister', Palmwoods
Photo 4: Family pic - near King's Beach, Caloundra
Photo 5: Beautiful flame trees - Montville town centre
Photo 6: Philomena & Kerry - just after my morning swim, King's Beach
Photo 7: Philomena's smiling for the camera, Montville
Photo 8: Scenic shot - King's beach looking North's just like I never left. Only one week (actually, only 5 days really. 1 day getting there and unpacking, and 1 day packing and going home)...oh how the time goes so quickly.

But...our holiday was great! The best one yet. And talk about getting the most out of the week and weather. We had 3 great days at the beach. The first day was spent at Bulcock Beach, and the other two days we had at Kings Beach. We loved it there, and Philomena had a ball!

We rose early and walked to King's Beach before breakfast, and while Anthony took Philomena to the playground, I went for a morning swim in the surf. It's the first time I've been game enough to do it. I'm a real cold frog, but braved the first morning, and then after that...I was hooked!

On our return to the unit, we had breakfast, and then headed off down to the beach again. We'd come back just before lunch...shower...have lunch...Phil would have a snooze...Anthony relaxed in front of the cricket, and I'd head off into town and scour the shops (lots of op shops!). Found some great bargains on labels and the best thing is, they have lots of surfwear at bargain prices! Little tops and boardies and casual wear. My best buy was a pair of boardies that fit and look pretty good and great for the beach. To my surprise and wonder, when I went to slip them on, found the size label...size 8!...woohoo...wasn't I excited!

We spent a day at Australia Zoo; a day in Montville and visited the Maleny Cheese factory, from which we brought home a variety of cheeses for our Christmas platter...Tuscan...Chevres Des Alpes (hard goat cheese)...Heidi Gruyere...Gorgonzola (blue vein)...Camembert...can't wait to try these delectable treats!

Tuesday night, I caught 'Quantum of Solace' at the local cinemas, and even took Meal 5 with me so I wouldn't snack on crap. I love going to the movies by myself. It's such a treat!

On the exercise front, I had planned to do 3 weights sessions. I ended up doing only two. Monday night was back/biceps and Thursday did legs/shoulders. I had planned to do them on Wednesday, but that was the day we went to Australia Zoo, and I was buggered walking around all day with a dawdling toddler who refused to get in her stroller, and wanted to walk!

Food...well...I had two not-so-good days. It started with Australia Zoo...greek salad and some hot chips (not many), a large (humungous actually) chicken and salad roll, and the day finished with yummy Tuscan pizza (half-a-pizza that is). Next day started with a Chai Latte (full cream milk); two sultana scones with jam and cream...then lots of cheese tastings...and lastly a two-scoop ice-cream made up with 'Violet Crumble' and 'Macadamia Nut' ice-cream in a waffle cone. And the next day finished off my treats with a large cup (called 'Big Bertha') of Chai Latte from Gourmet & More....
of course, I did eat my plan meals in-between. But let me tell ya...the tummy finally settled this morning!

So this morning, I was very glad to get back onto my program nutrition plan, and look forward to getting back into some serious training come Monday! Week 6 is nearly here, and that means the half-way mark...which means measurements and photos at the end of the week.

Oh! A couple of disappointments...that shop in Bulcock Street that I said we bought chocolate brownies from...well it closed! Though Anthony did end up getting his brownie...we found one just like the one in Caloundra, up at 'Sisters' Organic coffee shop in Palmwoods, where we had a coffee and a great chat with Petah (one of the Sunshine Coast girls from the IBO forum). And the day we went into Montville, Montville Patisserie was closed too (wedding on apparently), and the cafe next door...well...the scones were okay, but disappointing to say the least! We will have to wait another year to taste their mouth-melting scones with jam and looooads of cream.

Anyway...that's about it. Had a fab time and for the first time in a very long time, I felt young again. It was such a great feeling to be able to go down to the beach and not feel conscious of being fat, and to be able to get out in the sea and surf and swim again and generally be active and energetic; feel exhilarated about being at the beach! Haven't felt like that for a long, long time...I am so looking forward to getting the most out of summer- like the days of old!


Ciao for now...Kerry :)

P.S. Weigh-in tomorrow morning...I wonder what surprises there are in store for me!

Thursday, November 20

Annual Holiday Sabbatical

It's only 3 sleeps until we leave for our annual family holiday. We always look forward to this time of the year, and making it an annual event somewhere special, makes it even more memorable. Especially when you have children. Each year sees them being able to do more, experience more and the whole experience becomes enjoyable for us as parents, because we get to do more things as our children grow and become more capable. And looking back at photos and seeing the changes is also wonderful!

So it's off to Caloundra on Sunday. We have stayed at the same place for the past 3 yrs, so this is our 4th year. We've stayed at Tranquil Shores pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy, now moving into the toddler years. And for me personally, that's overweight, overweight during pregnancy, back to overweight, and now....lean and healthy, soon to be fit! :)

Our annual sabbatical is also about special things we do when we're on holidays, that we don't normally do during the course of the year.

The following are some of things we do every year (apart from going to the beach most days)...

* eat pizza for one lunch at a nearby italian restaurant in Bulcock St (can't remember the name, but it's in an arcade)
* spend a day at Australia Zoo
* spend a morning in Montville, and we have devonshire tea with the biggest, most mouth-watering scones loaded with fresh cream and jam, at the patisserie
* we buy a German hand-made christmas bauble from the Cuckoo-clock shop in Montiville. We add it to our Christmas tree as a reminder of our holiday in that year
* visit the cheese factory in Maleny; do lots of tasting and buy gourmet cheeses to take home for Christmas
* we have these most delicious flour-free chocolate brownies from a little health food take-away in Bulcock st. They're a treat because they cost about $3 per slice...but they are to die for!
* I go see an evening movie by myself in the little cinema in Bulcock street...I especially look forward to this part of our holiday!

    From a training point-of-view, now that I've had some recovery-time, I've decided that I will now be training. I'll be continuing my normal weights sessions, as I've only just started back again this week and want to keep progressing with that.

    Since my cardio sessions have nearly halved, and the intensity has been dropped for the time being, I'm just going to do those with our early morning beach walks before brekky. We rise early every morning and go for a brisk walk from Bulcock Beach to Kings Beach and back. Though this year I want to add in a swim in the surf at King's Beach before heading back.

    For my workouts, I found this little boutique gym in Bulcock street over the net. You have to book ahead, because they only allow so many people in the gym at any one time. It's very personalised and most's close (a short walk); and the rates are pretty good...$15 casual (which is pretty standard) or $40 for the week - to go as many times as you like. I only intend to do 3 sessions, but if I pay $40 and find I have some time up my sleeve, I might pop in for some more cardio or maybe something else. We'll see...

    Okay...gotta go. I've started my list and need to go and start washing the clothes. Will have to buy a couple of things before we go and start packing tomorrow, as Saturday we're in for a busy day...morning at the gym (both hubby and myself), and social get together in the arvo.

    Talk to you soon...

    Ciao for now...Kerry :)

    Monday, November 17

    Mojo is back!

    Tonight saw my first weights session after a my 3 day complete rest (last week). I was mildly surprised and quite delighted at how well my body responded. No problems at all and I also managed a 13-min med. intensity jog without hip or back repercussions, so I was rather pleased!

    So after my rest and temporary increase in carbs, it was back to the gym on Friday night for a low-intensity 30min cardio session (though I have to admit - low intensity means 'no effort', so I had to raise a bit of a sweat), followed by an hour session of basic martial arts training. It's been such a long time, and even though a little tough, I really enjoyed it and it was good to get to old legs fired up and kicking again! It's amazing how quickly things come back to you, and how your body just doesn't forget. Now I really did work up a sweat, but oh it felt soooo good! Can't wait for this week's session. And then Saturday saw another LI cardio and abs. Rest on Sunday.

    Even though it's back to the gym at a lower intensity, I am starting to feel like I have my mojo back and am once again motivated to continue onward and upward! My imagination has been given a fresh kick-start with dreams of physical grandeur!

    Ciao for now...Kerry :)

    Thursday, November 13

    In the Presence of Greatness

    "To Everything there is a season, and
    a time to every purpose under the heavens"
    Ecclesiastes 3

    This is one of my all-time favourite verses. To me it sums up life as I know it. And the fact is...we don't know it. We don't know what lifes' events and occurrences are going to bring us, and what their ultimate purpose is. We just have to accept that there is a purpose, and that regardless of how we try to plan, change, manipulate, grasp, or decipher it (purpose), that like the seasons which we have no control over, it will determine its' own course and reveal itself in its' own time.

    So I'm sitting here at my computer. It's quiet, it's early (because I'm not at the gym), and I've been surfing the blogs looking for inspiration...and I found some...lots actually.

    You know...some people...some women are quite amazing! Sometimes when you think you've got your S**T together, you then discover that someone else out there, not only has their S**T together, and stacked neatly, but it's packaged in gold wrapping and tied with beautiful big bow!

    I've been reading blogs by women who are competing in body building comps. Not just these women, but other women who I want to be like, and even a bit like I was at the peak of my fitness. When you read about the training they do; what they put their bodies through and what their bodies can do, it's awe-inspiring! It makes me feel like a beginner with my training wheels on, eager to throw them off and ride 2-wheeled with the big girls!

    But you know...not that long ago I would have felt intimidated. Looking where I am at and where they are all now, you could say that I'm in the little league. But I can also say that I'm working my way up and that I cannot deny myself the satisfaction of what I've achieved so far in my fitness comeback quest.

    Who was it that said that to become the person you want to be, that you must first be that person, as if you are living in the image of that person right here, right now...until you are that person. I believe (in my head) I am that person, and I train like I am that person, and will continue to do so, until I look into the mirror and find that image has become reality.

    Everything that has happened so far has brought me to this point in time, and even though my purpose hasn't fully revealed itself, it's given me a glimpse...and for me that's enough to feel contented, because I've seen greatness and I know what possibilties lie ahead.

    Ciao for now...Kerry :)

    Wednesday, November 12

    Superwoman is Out to Lunch

    It's official...Superwoman is out to (a long) lunch, and won't be back for at least 3 days!

    Yes...after a little bit of deliberation, and honestly looking at where I was at...tired, not feeling refreshed after sleep; strained muscles and snowballing niggles; muscles just not responding to training, I re-evaluated my situation, and decided that training through this, just wasn't going to give me the best outcome.

    So I sent out an S.O.S to my (online) PT with express request for H.E.L.P!

    Sure enough...a speedy reply came back saying...R.E.S.T!

    The diagnosis?.... OVERTRAINING...derrrrrr! So, my life as a super hero (in my dreams) will be totally on hold with the following 3 days...complete rest...carbs at every meal...ditch the fat with the Vit And...upon my return from my long lunch...only 3 L.I. cardio sessions to begin with (in addition to weights), and increasing this when my body feels like it's got its' mojo back.

    I do have to admit...I was rather excited about the carbs at every meal! And even more sad... I can't wait to have some chicken soup with chinese veges, shitake mushrooms, and rice tonight for dinner...yum. I've even hired out some DVD's (Anthony is away) to watch over the next couple of nights
    so I can vege out in front of the box!

    Hell...I know how to relax, along with the best of 'em! Goes to show...this is a sad reflection of how dull my life is according to the 'norm' (who wants to be normal anyway?)...booorrrring...yawn...

    Ciao for now...Kerry :)

    Monday, November 10

    Did Superwoman ever hit a Plateau?

    OMG...I think I've hit my first wall in my program! Yes's very hard for me to admit...I'm no Superwoman, regardless of what the boys at the gym call me.
    It happened last Friday night. I even remember cardio session after weights, doing interval...10 min medium resistance - 2.5 min maximum resistance (and I upped the x-trainer to level 6 and went like the clappers...saying to my fat..."Burn you bastard...Burn!") - 5 min light resistance...repeat for 30 minutes..then I died.
    Saturday I struggled to get to the gym, and once there struggled to get through my program, and I just made it! I had even planned to start some martial arts basic training in an extra arvo session, but knew that sure as hell wasn't going to happen. Needless to say, I was a walking Zombie all day Saturday; slept like a rock that night, and Sunday...well...more Zombie-like behaviour and a cat-nap in the afternoon.
    I usually recover by Monday, but today I felt so flat! Arrrgh..this can't be happening! Not to me! Sob...sob...sob...
    I mean...I still got through my workout tonight...still pushed myself hard, but my head space is definitely 'out there' somewhere. if I was coaching (martial arts), what would I tell someone who was experiencing this (whatever it is)? I would tell them they have hit a Plateau, and my best advice would be...."train through the Plateau".
    And it's not just training...I've been soooo hungry, I could eat the crotch out of a rag doll! I've been dreaming about foooood! Hot and herb garlic bread toasted under the grill with grated cheese...melting...stringy...mmmmm. I cooked meat balls strogonoff last night for dinner for hubby and Phil and the smell of those meat balls frying was so tantalising. But...I was strong. I resisted!
    Then it's the training...I really want a some Les Mills classes...some Body Jam, Body Balance...maybe a couple of Fit Box classes. You know...something a little different, a little more fun and just...mix it up a little?
    But you know...I will take my own advice...I'll train through the Plateau. I'll do it, because as a coach, I knew that if you didn't ride it out, you ended up exiting before the next ride. And besides...we go to Caloundra in a couple of weeks for our yearly 'beach sabbatical'.
    So you know what? I'm not going to the gym to workout! (I had already thought about booking this great boutique gym so I didn't have to miss my normal workout - how freaky am I?). I'm going to have a (real) holiday!
    Some R&R...early morning walks to Kings Beach in the mornings and hit the surf before heading back for breakfast. Then it'll be back to the beach for some family time with Philomena and Anthony...kick back...relax...soak up the sun...more swimming...head back for lunch...more swimming in the arvo...afternoon nap time for all...dinner...veg out in front of the TV (once Phil is asleep)...maybe catch a movie at the cinema a couple of nights...Australia Zoo outing one day...hopefully catch up for a coffee with the IBO 'Sunshine Coast Girls'...a FREE CHOICE MEAL (how exciting! hmmmm...don't know whether it will be fish and chips on the beach, or pizza) and just chill! What do you think?
    Damn it...I think I deserve it! Even Superwoman's gotta have a break sometime!
    Ciao for now...Kerry :)

    Thursday, November 6

    Killer Abs & other bits!

    Killer Abs...mmmmm...I dream about them, and how a nice set would look on me.
    I wish we had shops where you could just walk in and try on a nice pair of abs, or possibly, some fab shoulders...oh! can I have the striated look with that?...and a nicely curved, tight butt (as shown above...sorry about the words, but I didn't pay for this picky). You know...the kind of butt that makes your man wanna grab you - pull you in close, tightly cupping those nice, firm, (butt) cheeks into his hands...and the know what happens after that?!
    Arghhhh....Heavy Sigh....Bugger!...oh well...for now, until they invent this quick 'n' easy method of body transformation, I'll just have to settle for working my butt off (literally!) at the gym!
    Ciao for now...'Killer-Abs-Elect' - Kerry :)

    Monday, November 3

    New Program - New Goals

    (click to enlarge)

    I've had one week on my new training program. I think one more week and I'll have my technique downpat, and I'll know the weights I need in order to start challenging myself. I like my new program and am really excited by the possibilities, 2nd time round!

    Another 4-6 weeks and I think I'll have a fair idea of how close my program is aligned with my goals that I formulated. My nutrition plan is pretty much the same. The only change being that more carbs have been introduced on my weight training days. I don't even look at my nutrition program anymore - don't need to. I know it backwards and am quite comfortable eating the same foods. Dinnertime is when I tend to change the meals to give me some variety.

    So here are my new goals...

    • Goal weight: 58kg
    • Body fat % (callipers): 15-16%
    • Tighten/strengthen abdominals (lower/deep)
    • Say goodbye to the fat off my hips, thighs & stomach
    • Tone up my abs (especially lower abs)
    • Maintain jog on treadmill for 30 mins without any stiffening/pain to hips/joints
    • Increase upper body, glute, and hip flexor strength

    Ciao for now...Kerry :)


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