Monday, August 31

I Love a Rainy Night

A cool change has arrived here in Brisbane. The forecast is rain for the next two days, and it started slowly last night. I awoke early this morning to a thunder clap, and then the tap-tapping of rain on our metal I love that sound. I then drifted off to sleep only for a little while until Miss Phil cried out "Mommy" at around 2:30am.

So today it's a little cooler and it's drizzling. It sought of matches how I feel ATM, and I do love it when it rains. It's also been very dry of late, so a little rain is very welcome. Hopefully, it's enough to turn the grass green again and freshen everything up.

Yesterday was spent mainly lying in a horizontal position at every possible opportunity. Not so easy when you have a toddler who wants to play all day. I did get a solid couple of hours during the day though, and that made a difference.

After Saturday's Crossfit session, I was absolutely smashed. Now I wondered about this, because I shouldn't have felt that way. I was prepared to be a little tired, but Saturday night I was just about comatose. I hurt all over! And I mean all over, not just my lats and upper body. My skin was even sore to touch and my head felt like it was going to explode. I ended up taking a couple of panadol, and AW gave me a lovely all over tickle, which instantly puts me to sleep. I have a sneaky suspicion that I've had the flu or something very similar all week. But with the Crossfit training and the aching, it was hard to tell if it was just muscle soreness, or something more. After Saturday and yesterday, I think it was decidedly something more. I'm feeling much better this morning. I still have a sniffly nose though, and am going through the tissues like there's no tomorrow.

Tonight is my first formal night back, training in martial arts. I can't wait to go tonight, and no doubt there will be a lot of catching up to do with Sifu Ian Protheroe, whom I've known for nearly 20 years now - well before I started training with him in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Well that's it for today. We've been counting down on the calendar, Miss Phil and I, for when I'm leaving for Kapooka. It's 10 days and not long to go now. I still have a bit to organise, and it hasn't really hit me yet. Not only will it be the longest time that Miss Phil and I will be separated, but it will also be the longest time that AW will have been apart since we've been married (9 years), which is one week.

Okay...better go and get organised for the day. We've got the insulation guys coming today to put insulation in our roof (thanks Mr Rudd). I better go and pull out the tarps. I don't want mud and stuff all over the carpet, as the have to go in through our manhole. Having a metal tile roof, they can't be lifted.

Bye...and have a fabulous day!

Saturday, August 29

I (Don't) Know SQUAT!

This morning I did another Crossfit session, and the order of the day was OH Squats and Pullovers again! I'm still frickin' sore from it's amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. I was just very fatigued.
Today was another first...Overhead Squat, and let me tell ya', it wasn't easy! But I enjoyed learning the technique, and I have alot of practicing to do to get it right.
To view today's WOD (workout of the day), I've posted it and my results on my new training blog/diary, and I've called it Better-Faster-Stronger.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 28

Lat D.O.M.S & The Water Bearer

This morning I woke to some serious Lat D.O.M.S! Now...I can't even remember the last time my lats even hurt after a back workout...I can't. So I'm pretty stoked...what an awesome feeling! My whole upper body is experiencing some lovely soreness, not just my lats...abs, traps, pecs, shoulders, tris, and even at the base of my biceps. But I'm ready for tomorrow morning's Crossfit session. Ooooo...I can't wait to see what we're doing!

Today is the last bit of my numerology report, and it ends with my astrological sign...Aquarius - the Water Bearer.

"Element: Air
Ruler: Saturn
Colour: Violet
Metal: Aluminium
Watchword: Investigatin
Compatible Signs: Gemini, Libra

The number 11 or 2 belongs to the sign Aquarius. A desire for harmony and peace surrounds this sign. Uranus is the higher frequency with sudden bursts of energy, like lightening. They can be the light that shows the way.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, awakening the mind to new ideas and flashes of inspiration. This is the sign of friendship and human understanding and they are mentally independent and strongly individual. Yet they love to work within groups often towards a humanitarian goal. They have idealistic natures and often have unusual hobbies.

Although friendly and kind, they are naturally dispassionate and rarely allow their emotions to interfere with their judgements. Aquarians are observant and interested in human nautre, so they almost instinctively know how the other person will react to a situation. The Aquarian's natural instinct is to view life's problems in a detached, scientific manner. With their mental bodies so active, the nervous system quickly becomes depleted when faced with too much emotion. Aquarians need periods of solitude and quiet, to be revitalised by nature."

Well I think that this report has been amazingly accurate. It's the best description of me I've ever come across, and I couldn't have put some of those words any better if I tried. I had Philomena's numerology report done this year too, and it's very interesting. I knew she had a stubborn streak and was very determined, but I think we're going to have to keep her in check while still allowing her the ability to express herself (she loves play acting, singing and dancing)...that's our fiery little Aries and future leader (currently Little Miss Bossy).

I've decided to start a separate training blog, so I'll start work on a format today I think. I'm trying wordpress for a change, so we'll see how I go.

Have a wonderful day, and fantastic weekend! It's another perfect day here is Brisbane...gosh I'm loving this nearly favourite time of the year!

Thursday, August 27

Waking up to Beauty & Missing Numbers

This morning I am feeling like my normal self again, and my heart leapt with joy when I woke up and looked out to a beautiful, cloudless, sunny day. I am just loving the weather we're having at the moment...spring days, and it isn't even spring yet!

I have an annoying cough and having to clear the throat again, but with a couple days rest, it should mostly clear up. As predicted, my abs kill! Even just coughing or laughing hurts...right at the top of the abs near the rib cage. My shoulders and triceps are a little sore this morning too. But that was to be expected. Now that I'll be moving my body differently again and using my muscles in different ways, I expect to be sore after my Crossfit sessions. But all-in-all, feeling great and the soreness is just something you get used to anyway, and it tells me that I've worked that's all good. I can't wait for Saturday's Crossfit session and wonder what's in store! is about Missing Numbers our name and birth date, there may be certain numbers missing. These missing numbers represent the qualities we have missing in our personalilty. If we are aware of the qualities we are lacking in, we can overcome these by learning of the missing number qualities.

"The missing number 4 means that you must develop a systematic orderly lifestyle which will produce a structured environment. Through hard work and discipline, you must translate your energies into tangible forms. All your finances and accounts must be kept in order. The lessons of the missing number 4 demand you to become thrifty, practical, reliable and steady. Reason must be used to arrive at all your conclusions.

Order, logic and hard work should become the cornerstones of your life, if you are to build a strong foundation. Think of yourself as 'salt of the earth'.

Natural application and concentration is not a strong trait within you when you have a 4 missing. Thus the absence of that 4 leaves a weakness in your character that requires added application, because it is the foundation number of all endeavours.

Missing Number 8: Your energies need to be channelled into the material world to attain a position of leadership. Your role at some time in you life needs to be that of the big boss, the executive who organises and manages big business. Maybe in a past lifetime you were very rich and squandered all of your money and now you have to learn the value of money through hard work.

Wealth will come easily to you but learning to manage it is the lesson. Your tremendous strength and will could help you to be one of the world's top athletes, if you are sports minded. You are here to learn total self control, not depending on others for your existence. Responsibility for your own well being and financial future, plus the responsibilites of family will be your top priority.

8 represents wealth and power and you have the capabilities of both, but as a young person you may be inclined to be lazy where money is concerned, but your chances are there for you to prove yourself."

Hmmm...wealth and power is definitely

Have a great day all! :-)

Wednesday, August 26

My First Crossfit Session

Tonight was my first Crossfit session...and I survived!

I didn't have any particular expectations, and just went with the flow. I did enjoy it overall, bit I have to admit...I hate running! Probably because I'm not that good at it. And because I did a beep test last night, and the chest is still sore with a bit of an infection, I haven't really enjoyed running the last couple of nights. But...I made it through okay. My abs are going to kill tomorrow big time. I didn't realise how much you use them doing pull-ups.

So tonight I had two firsts...

1. My first Crossfit session, and
2. My first ever pull-up

Now it wasn't a full pull-up. I gotta work up to it. Tonight I learnt how to 'kip', which is basically using your shoulders and hips to create momentum to assist you when you pull-up. And it wasn't my upper body that hurt so much. It was my hands from holding onto the bar. I've already got a couple of small blisters at the base of my fingers, which should turn into some nice callouses.

Tonights' WOD (workout of the day) was:


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 mins of:
Run 400m
Max reps of Pullups

I managed 5/60 (modified)...being the first night I did 400m run + pull-ups for the 1st & 2nd rounds @ 15 each round; 3rd round 400m run + 10 push-ups; 4th round, 400m run + 10 squats; and 5th round, 400m run + 10 push-ups.

Suffice to say it wasn't easy, and did I tell you I hate running?

That's it for today. I've decided to post my training. Don't know if I'll do as a separate blog or not. I want to keep track of my overall training and individual crossfit sessions, so I can observe my fitness progressions. Will have a think about how to go about it.

Ciao for now...Kerry :-)

What Sports Car are You?

I'm a Ford Mustang!

You're an American classic -- fast, strong, and bold. You're not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Thanks Raechelle for the link.

Getting There & Destiny No.

It's definitely a better day today, and AW is sounding a little brighter.

I was feeling pretty crappy yesterday, as I've picked up a bad head cold from the weekend. I still went to work and took a couple of panadol (which I rarely like to do). By the time I got there I wasn't too bad, just feeling a little weak and very sniffly. I had to do my pre-enlistment fitness test last night, as it needs to be done within 4 weeks of going to Kapooka. It was a bit hard going because I was under the weather, but I made it through. I didn't want to have to do it again. The most push-ups I can do in one go is 27, so I have a goal in the next 6 months to improve on this number. Now mind you, I do them properly! I hate skimming on correct form and will not compromise this to get my numbers up. I'm hoping with my crossfit training, I can improve on this number. For some reason, out of all the different exercises, it is difficult for me to make any strength gains with chest exercises, and especially push-ups. Mind you, I have definitely increased the number of reps - it's just so slowwww.

I'm not 100%, but I'm feeling okay. The mucous tells me I have an infection; I have a slight cough, and my throat is a little gravelly, but I've decided I'm still going to Crossfit tonight. I'd already booked it in advance and don't want to put it off another day.

Okay... here's my Destiny No.7...the path we must walk, what you need to accomplish, what you really are here to achieve. Name changes can change our destiny if we choose...

"The destiny of this number is to be the teachers of ethics. You are physically able to separate the true from the false and discover the mysteries of the world. Your destiny is to use your mind and avenues to do this would be philosophy, science, religion and the metaphysical world. You are often regarded as strange and difficult to follow but these same critics would come to you for guidance and direction.

You will eventually become an inspiration and a teacher for the world. You will need lots of time alone, to think, meditate and to pray. Your strength will be found in these times alone, as you like your own company. 7 people were often, in past lives, placed in monasteries or temples, because of their tremendous mental powers. Develop your mental powers and the world will benefit.

You are the investigator, you like to delve and ask questions on everything you are involved in. You will learn to live by your soul's own grace and not be dependent on others for support. Even amongst crowds of people you will feel alone and untouched. You will never be able to take the easy way out of life and when life gets difficult, which it will, always keep your emotions in control as this is a vulnerable area for you. Many people will need you for counselling and your emotions will be tested, so try to remain positive. You may be out of the common class, but you will be loved and respected for what you have attained and know. Travel is in your blood. Mixed with the thinkers of the world, such as scientists, investigatiors, chemists and people with analytical minds - also surgeons and laywers. Make your home selective in appearance and, for guests, make it warm and helpful to all who seek knowledge. Try to bring science and occult principles of knowledge to bear upon human experience."

Mental powers is definitely something I haven't taken the time to improve upon. As I begin again my martial arts training, I think this part will come along, as I used to spend quite a bit of time in meditation when training. So I look forward to spending a bit more time improving upon this. It's amazing how through just a little regular meditation, it can improve your focus.

Have a great day! :-)

Tuesday, August 25

Feeling 'Meh' & Outer Personality

Thanks for your comments and words of support. They really mean alot to me. It's definitely different here in blogland. You can say whatever you want without fear of judgement.

I am feeling better today. Just a little numb. I'm standing at the crossroads. My first Crossfit session is tomorrow night; I've put off my martial arts training session until Saturday or Monday (I needed to be here last night); and I leave in Kapooka in 16 days. Things were pretty rosy until yesterday when the shit hit the fan the previous night. Now I have a husband who needs me right now, and it's kind of thrown me. I'm just going with the flow and I'll allow AW to come along at his own pace. For now, I'm just keeping a low profile and doing what I need to do. I haven't put aside my own needs totally though, and will continue to push through with my fitness plans and goals. I need to keep on track with this leading up to Kapooka, so it's important I stay focused.

My weekend soldiering was more physical than I thought it would be. There was alot of walking, and scrambling over a whole day and into the night. I quite enjoyed it, until I had to lead for the night navigating. I found this quite daunting. It's quite scary when you can't see anything in the dark. I was afraid I was going to fall into a hole (and there were plenty around), or step on a snake or small animal. And navigating through lantana is hard going. But I pushed through my fear and we made it back to camp. Upon our return to Enoggera on Sunday, we had to sit a theory exam on navigating, which I passed, and spent the rest of a long hot day unloading trucks and washing and cleaning camo tents and tarpaulins, and generally lifting heavy shit. All in all, I enjoyed the weekend, but couldn't wait to get home and have a shower. Boy, was I rife! Mind you, I hadn't showered since Friday, and with all that sweating, well, you can imagine how good I smelt (NOT)!

Last Friday morning, which was my last gym training session, I took the opportunity to do a beep test, and was dreading doing it, since it had been a long time. I was pleasantly surprised to find that level 7.5 was quite comfortable! So I just need to maintain this until Kapooka.

Now continuing on with the numerology stuff... Outer Personality...the person you want others to see you as, and not necessarily who you are. It is the image we present and what is expected of us because of the 'face' we put on.

"This person will present themselves as a leader, very independent and capable. Underneath they may not be too sure of what they are doing but because of the image they present, a lot will be expected of them. They are full of new ideas and plans for those around them. Responsibility is a part the plan in their every day life when they many not want that at all.

They appear to be aggressive and dominant whilst this is the image they present to cover for any uncertainties.

They dress well and like to be the first in fashion. They like to look unique and unusual."

Well...the only thing I don't agree on is being the first in fashion.

Again, thanks everyone for your words of support. I'm still not up to reading all blogs or leaving comments. I'll get around to it when I'm feeling a little less numb.

Ciao for now...Kerry :-)

Monday, August 24

Deletion of Post

Thanks Em and Hilary for your comments. Much appreciative of them, and Em, you were right about looking at why. I feel terribly guilty for airing out such a personal thing, especially when it comes to AW. He is a wonderful husband, and it seems I lacked the sensitivity and maturity to allow him time to explain himself. I got an email after I posted, and felt like the worse person in the world. Yes, it was more about him and what he is going through and has admitted that he may be suffering from depression and needs to find some help. I feel stupid for not recognising this. He said that Philomena and I are the MOST important thing to him in the world. So I congratulate AW on making such an admission, and at least we can start to work on some issues. Thanks for listening guys.

Friday, August 21

Living in the Present & Soul Numbers

"Life is like riding a bicycle, in order to keep your balance you must keep moving."

- Albert Einstein

This morning I was thinking about living in the present and enjoying life, each and every day. I always have my head in the clouds and am dreaming about the future. It looks rosy and there's lots of interesting things happening in my life. Lately, I've taken to just thinking one day at a time. I like to know that tomorrow there'll be something to look forward to, but I just don't want to take off the wrapping just yet. I just want to look at it and relish the thought of unwrapping it...tomorrow. That way, Christmas comes every day!

Well...that's about it for my thoughts today. It's early, and it's off to the gym for my very last session at Lifestlye Health Clubs, and commercial gyms, so I have to get cracking and get myself and Little Miss Phil ready. I said goodbye to the manager (not owner) last night, as he doesn't work in the mornings. He said he reckoned he'd see me when I got bored...hah!...getting bored at Crossfit?....FAT CHANCE!'s my Soul Number 6...the person you really are, the person not seen by any other person. It can also indicate where you may have been in a past life. It is the soul force of who you are.

"This person responds to beauty, peace and harmony more so than any other soul number. You are very affectionate, sympathetic and extremely loyal. Your special mission in this life is to teach others to maintain peace and harmony in their lives and to spread the idea of the golden rule.

Domestic harmony is very important to you and if this is not happening, you will be very unsettled. You will have to watch you don't smother your loved ones, as the protection instinct in you is strong. Let them be themselves. Allowing your family members to express their own desires is important, even if you don't agree with their choices.

You are idealistic, fair and honest. Remember to give some of your love to humanity and work for the good of the world as well as those you personally love. Children, animals and those who are helpless appeal to you and you will be loved by all."

That's it for the weekend. I'm off soldiering this weekend and we leave tonight for Purga (near Ipswich), so it will be a tad cold. Even though we'll be sleeping under the stars again (yes, I will be wearing my thermals), it won't be so physically full-on. So I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

Ciao for now...Kerry :-)

P.S. There's some weird vibes I'm getting in blogland ATM. It's not another full moon is it?

Thursday, August 20

Ponderings, Numerology & Life Lessons

"The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and
the power of contemplation,
rather than upon mere survival."
- Aristotle

Lately, I've been feeling a little...scattered...don't know what other way to describe it. I've been thinking alot, which I tend to do, but lately it's been more contemplative in nature. I haven't been as enthusiastic about blogging, facebook...the whole social networking stuff. So please forgive me if I haven't responded to any blog postings lately. It's been a bit hit and miss.

It may be best described as a phase of languishing, until I've returned from Kapooka, and my life starts to regain some structure again. I'm a bit of a contradiction, in that I like alot of variety in my life and things to look forward to, so I tend to create change fairly regulary, but it's also important that I have some type of structure or routine to my life as well, so I can maintain simplicity and keep my life balanced and grounded.

There's also been a lot of thinking about other people's lives and how they've changed this year. Personally, I've found this year to be one of new beginnings for the majority of people that I know, either personally or via blogging and/or friends...fresh opportunities...epiphanies...alot of pregnancies and births...marriages and beginnings in new places. It also describes the kind of year that I've had too.

I was also thinking about my life around 5 yrs ago, when it was dazed and confused. At that time I was pursuing a life not exactly congruent with my nature and purpose (which I was confused about anyway). It was a time for alot of searching...soul and otherwise. I was involved in alot of women's business networking, and met a woman who was a numerologist and who was lecturing on the subject. I ended up having a numerology chart done by her. Looking back, I wasn't in the right place (mentally and spiritually) to fully comprehend its' message. If truth be known, it wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear at the time.

Anyway...I pulled the chart out this year and had another look. When I read it, I thought..."Wow - this woman really got me". It's a pity I didn't get me, at the time. So I'm going to share with you the details of my report. Probably quite boring for you, but ya know how it goes..."it's my blog and I'll share if I want to". I'm going to share a bit of it each day.

Today's excerpt is 'Life Lesson "Three" Adult'

"You are artistic, imaginative, expressive, optimistic and happy. Your lessons in life are to be totally self-expressive and artistic.

Whatever endeavour you undertake, it must be expressed in you own creative way. Your number respresents beauty, harmony and love. You will be well disciplined, authoriitive and a free spirit.

Be careful not to scatter your energies too widely, as you have to specialise in artistic, religious or inventive pursuits. You will feel trapped if you are restricted.

You dislike routine. You many not work as well in a partnership as you would like to, because your best results come from working alone.

You are intelligent and are a people person. You are the most outgoing of all the numbers and are often frustrated because of your unfulfilled talents.

You are a very charming and charismatic person. Communication is vital to you as is laughter.

You dislike being isolated from people close to you and you work very well under stress as you find stress mentally stimulating.

This number belongs to the performing arts and travel. A number 3 person loves life and loves to be the centre of attention.

If you are living negatively, the number 3 person goes after life in a big way - to the point of self-indulgence and extravagance. This could be your downfall.

You are talented so be specific in your challenges and career. You also are a gambler at heart, so do not be afraid to take a chance on life.

You may tend to be lazy at times and insensitive to other's feelings."

Tomorrow, I'd like to share my Soul Number - the person I really am and not seen by any other person.

I was wondering...what are your life lessons? Are you in a happy place right now and pretty much figured out what's congruent with your true nature? Whether you've figured it out and you think you've entered Nirvana, or whether you're still finding your way, I'd really love to know what you think.'s a share a post on your blog about what you think is/are your life lessons and what you think is congruent with the real you. I promise I'll make the effort to read your posts! You never know - you might discover something new or different about yourself.

Take care & ciao for now...Kerry :-)

Monday, August 17

Finally...Kapooka Date Confirmed!

Hallelujah!...I have finally been given a date to complete my AA training down in Kapooka, in Wagga Wagga, NSW. My course starts on 11th September and finishes on 10th October. So I will be flying out on the 10th September (which is a Thursday), and should fly back on Sunday, 11th October.

Which means I have 3 weeks to get my butt into gear and prepare myself. With all the dilly-dallying around and events of the last two months, including injuries, it hasn't been the most ideal prelude to my training. I've only just started back running in increments. My physio has said I need to up the ante and be getting in 3 running sessions per week, to ensure that not only will I be able to handle things aerobically, but also to ensure that my achilles tendon, hips, pelvis and back muscles will be able to handle the impacting (on road surfaces) and to lessen the likelihood of any further injuries. It's still a matter of building up the time and intensity over the next 3 weeks though, and I still have to complete a beep test (shuttle run) before going down, as part of my fitness assessment requirement.

I also need to stabilise my weight, via nutrition, as it hasn't been 100% for a couple of months. So...I had a stern talking to myself today (which has been 100% on the nutrition), and there's nothing like a goal date to ramp up the focus and motivation! I have a training weekend coming up this weekend, which means ration packs. There's nothing I can do about this, however, I do have control over what I eat every other it's time to get serious! And I can feel the tummy around the middle starting to turn into little rolls, so I know that I have to be 100% focused for the next three weeks, in order for those rolls to disappear!

So 11th September here I come...then I can get on with implementing a new fitness regime upon my return, and make sure I'm nice and lean for our summer beach holiday (and stay that way)!

* P.S. Thanks to everyone who posted their comments on my last post. As always, I appreciate your comments and always look forward to reading them. :-)

Saturday, August 15

Why Don't You Tip-Toe through the Tulips...with Me?

I haven't had alot to say lately. Life is just so wonderful that I have nothing different to maladies, no drama...all is fine and dandy in my world. I have someone to love (AW & Phil)...something to do (lots of stuff)...and somewhere to call home. So if you're feeling a little a blue, I'm sprinkling around my current zest for lucky can I be?!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and here's to an equally wonderful week. And the beautiful Qld weather is putting on quite a show for us at the moment. Spring has sprung..early!

Monday, August 10

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

He..he..couldn't resist posting this cartoon pic up...can anyone relate?

Today is the start of week 2, post-Ideal Bodies Online program, and I'm doing pretty good. I got in all my planned training sessions last week. The achilles tendon is healing nicely, and my LHS wrist ligament strain is coming along s-l-o-w-l-y. This week I start adding upper body again into my weights program, so I'll see how my wrist goes. Writing up my current training schedule feels a little strange, and with some major changes about to happen with my training, I don't know how it's going to all pan out.

Thursday 20th August will be my last training session at a commercial gym before another full-on army training weekend roughing it in the great outdoors (near Ipswich...another freeze-my-butt off gets to minus temperatures). I've scheduled my first Crossfit introductory session for Wednesday 26th August, and my first formal martial arts training session for Monday 31st August. As of today, I still don't know when I will be leaving for Kapooka. I'm panelled to go on the 12th September, but they're still trying to get me on the early October timeslot. I would now prefer October, because it gives me extra time to get over my injuries and prepare my body for running (impacting), which I haven't been able to do alot in the last 2 months or so. It also gives me a whole month training at Crossfit and back at martial arts training. However, if the 12th September is be it. It's just a nuisance, as I can't plan my training program with any certainty. Hopefully I will find out tomorrow night.

I've only just managed to set out my program for the next 4 weeks, and one of the things I've been thinking about lately is how I plan for post-IBO program. How do I plan a program that's going to give me the results I want, in the same way as when I had them written for me?

Well...armed with 12 months of programs, both nutrition and exercise, I should be able to devise an on-going, maintainable program, based on my current goals. I mean...there's so much to choose from - where do I start? With all that experience behind me, I've learnt a hell of a lot about myself and what my body responds well to - both exercise and nutrition-wise. I've been through enough to know what works for me and what doesn't.

So, I am of the old adage that "If it ain't broke - don't fix it!"

If it's worked well for me this long, what's not to say that it won't continue to do so into the future? What is important to remember here is that it's not entirely about the content of the program that I need to focus on (though that is still important), but the principles on which my programs were written. Why change something that works? It's crazy...but we do it! Change for change sakes is just going to steer you off course.

So here are Kerry's Fitness Maintenance principles, which I'm going to follow in order to maintain my results, but also continue to ensure I make progress toward my health and fitness goals...whatever they may be.

  1. Devise my training goals for 3 months

  2. Plan & Set out a Monthly Training Schedule, broken into 4 week blocks, then broken into daily schedules to keep focused on what I need to do.

  3. Keep a daily training & nutrition diary to log my progress, diarise consequences of my program, and be able to adapt it, based on my findings and observations.

  4. Maintain my current Nutrition program of 5-6 meals per day, and alter lower-higher carb ratio at meal 4 & include meal 6, depending on training intensity.

  5. Include one free meal per week, and drink a min. of 3 litres of water per day.

* Above is an example of a 4 weekly training program. I keep this in a display folder at the front, and then my actual program with individual exercises for my weights, cardio and abs, I put behind, to refer to. It stays in my gym bag, and I look at it every day, so I know what I'm doing and I can stay focused. Any changes that may crop up, I just alter the program to suit. By having this in front of me, I can look at the bigger picture.

* Above is an example of one day out of my IBO training and nutrition diary from December 2008.

I'm certain if I adhere to these principles, there will be no return to my former self or bad habits. I don't plan to weigh every week, but will go on how my clothes fit, especially around the waist. I will keep a monthly weigh-in though, as this will ensure I'm on track and I can then tweak my program to re-align and keep my weight in check. Any major fluctuations in weight is the first indication that things need to be revised.

The hardest part for me will be maintaining a clean diet and not adding in extras. The extras usually equate to 'carbs' and this is a recipe for a slow and gradual road back to 'fat and frumpy'. It's a place I have vowed never to return to! I have still yet to get back to a 100% clean diet during the week (it's only about 95%). It's happening, but it's too slow in all honesty. For me it's all or nothing. In-between just doesn't cut it! And it's not going to help me maintain my lifelong fitness goals.

So if you've come to the end of the road of your programs, don't just change it for the sake of change. Why throw away all the work you've done, and the good money you've spent to have your programs written for you? Just re-adjust your sails, and plan to continue on if you still want results. For those of you (who have been on IBO programs) who haven't had the luxury of having four IBO programs written for you, and still want to get more results, then I'd recommend either continuing on with a second 12 week full support program, or until you get the results you want. Alternately, if you don't want to go for the whole shebang, then why not consider getting a 6-week full support program, or an individual training and/or nutrition plan (without coaching). They're inexpensive alternatives, but can help you continue with the health and fitness gains you've already made (just thought I'd give a bit of a plug for IBO). And if you're baulking at spending the money...don't (whether that's IBO program, other program or no program) out a way to either make it happen or continue making it's worth're worth it!

Well, that's about it! I hope my experiences can help someone out there to achieve their health and fitness goals. If you have any questions - I'm right here!

*P.S. For contractual reasons, I can't give you the IBO training and nutrition programs which were written for me specifically. You need to remember that each of us is very different, both in regard to our training goals and our physiological make-up, and that programs are written to suit you as an individual. What has worked for me, doesn't necessarily mean it will work in exactly the same way for you.

Sunday, August 9

CROSSFIT...How Addictive is it?

Yesterday afternoon I attended the Crossfit 'Hard'n Up Challenge', in Coorparoo, Brisbane. I thought it would be a good opportunity to check it out, and see what all the hullabaloo is about, and whether it felt like it was going to be a good fit for me. I mean...I'd all but made up my mind anyway. However, sometimes your impression or image of what it is that you want, doesn't always equate when you're physically there. I needed to see for myself if Crossfit was genuinely down my alley.

Anyway...I went along for a look-see, and I wasn't disappointed. Thanks to Lisa for the invite - though I would have been there, invite or not. The atmosphere was really pumping, and I was really impressed with how excited, happy, social and energetic everyone different to your average commercial gym. The other thing which really impressed me, were the competitors. There were people (men and women) of all different ages and fitness levels. The ones that couldn't lift the standard Crossfit weight (known as 'rxd'), had modified weights to match their fitness level, and also for those that had specific types of physical restrictions, the exercises were also modified to accommodate. How motivating for the individual is that?

I also got to meet Matt Swift, who is the owner of Crossfit Brisbane. I managed to catch him as he was busily finishing off his lunch. His courtesy, enthusiasm and love for all things 'Crossfit' is highly inspiring. He took the time to explain that what I saw at this challenge, isn't what happens at training sessions, and that the competitions were an opportunity for people to see what they could achieve.

I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and watching the competitors give their all! Of course, I enjoyed the eye candy as I only had my mobile phone for pics, and couldn't zoom in to get some better hot bod shots (sorry Frankie).

Well, I can't wait to start, and even though I know it's not going to be easy, I'm looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to learn new skills and improve my fitness. I'm so excited...I'm just waiting on a definite date to go to Kapooka, so I can start the next phase of my fitness journey. I haven't even started at Crossfit yet, but I think I'm already addicted!!

Ciao for now and have a great week! :-)

Friday, August 7

About Little Miss Phil

This week AW has been away up in Nth Qld, so that means I've had the car. It happens about every 3 months, and it's great having a car for five days. The only problem is...there's so much to do to try and fit in things we don't normally get the opportunity to do. I also need to fit in training, so half the day is lost to that. Though the day Anthony gets back, I usually go back to my normal night training schedule.

This week has just been lovely with little Miss Phil. She enjoys the creche at the gym when I go training, so it makes it much easier and less stressful. The weather has been beautiful during the days and we've enjoyed that. Today is our last day of freedom with a car before we have to pick up AW. The weather is gorgeous once again, so I think I'll take Phil to the big park and we'll kick around with the soccer ball, and she can play on all the playground stuff too.

I love this change in routine, as I don't have to train at night, so it leaves me with that special time before bed that I normally miss during the week nights. And with AW not being here, it's lovely and quiet (no TV at night). Philomena has also requested my presence in her warm and snuggly bed in the early hours of the morning (which is a little squeezy), and we've been waking at about 8am most mornings....ahhhh...devine!

Once Phil is in bed, then it's ME time! Apart from spending a little time on the computer, I've been watching DVD's which is a real treat for me.

I've also made more of an effort this week to take my time and really observe Philomena and be in the moment. It's just so lovely and it never ceases to amaze me how strong my feelings are, and my bond is with my little girl. If I ever had to make a decision in a life or death situation, I know that I would not hesitate for one millisecond if I had to give my life for hers...and death isn't one of those things I haven't come to grips with fully yet.

I have never been a person who got all clucky over children, but it's fascinating to find that when you have your own, the motherly instinct kicks in, in a really huge way.

Philomena is a little over 3yrs old now, and it's a really wonderful age. They're still cute, but now they start to become so engaging. Phil is a real talker and has a good grasp of vocabulary, but it's cute, because she still can't pronounce words like 'Billie' (her grandmothers name...yes, her grandmother likes Phil to call her Billie - it's a family tradition). Instead she says Biwwie.

So I've attached a little video (hope it works) at bedtime. She loves to have books read to her before bed at 8pm, and some of the stories she knows the words, and delights in saying them herself. It's special times like these that I love, and the most special is seeing her asleep.

I've also included a couple of photos of Philomena doing her poses. Kids just love to copy. It's really cute, especially when they pick up on good habits. Fortunately, Philomena loves good food. Her favourite is cheese, cucumber (cumber in Phil language), capsicum (catsicun), tomato (mato), and carrot (cawwot). She also copies me when I do my stretches, which she calls 'exercises'. We were out last week and made a new little friend, and they got chatting and Philomena starts doing these 'exercises' on the floor, and says to her little friend..."these are exercises my mummy does"...he...he...just gotta love it! It's nice to know that I'm laying down some healthy foundations for her while she's little.

And to finish off...last night talking to AW (which I didn't get a word in edgeways, mind you), Philomena was telling daddy all about her day, and saying her goodbyes, she always finishes with 'a kiss, a peck, a lip-smackers, and a hug' (she does this to the phone) for daddy. And the last things she said to him was...."I love you so much Daddy!" (I wuv you so much Daddy).

Monday, August 3

Looking Back...Moving Forward...Taking it to the Next Level...

*Click to enlarge images

Above are my results for my 4th and final Ideal Bodies Online program. Not exactly how I wanted to end, weight-wise, but big deal. A couple more weeks of clean eating and increasing my training should see me back to my happy weight of 58kg. As you can see by the table, there was alot of fluctuation in this program. An indication of how my life has been the last 3 months, and all the changes (mainly in the last 8 weeks). But...shit happens, and you've just got to look back, figure out why, and try to make sure it doesn't happen again. Some things you can't alter the course of, so it's a matter of dealing with it, re-adjusting to get back to base, and continuing on with your goals where you last left off.

For my after photos, I thought I'd do something a little different, and a bit more fun. After looking at Kristin's posing pic, I thought I'd try it. I realised afterwards that I really suck at posing, and that it's harder than it looks (I also have spastic fingers...they're hyper-mobile and I can't straighten them when flexed). So to all you figure comp girls...I tip my hat to you, because you make it look easy!

As soon I did these and had a look at them, I started to critique myself (as you do). My real bug-bear is my tummy. I noticed a bit of loose skin in the side tricep shot. Nothing much I can do about this unless I have a tummy tuck. And with the extra weight I'm guessed it...straight to my butt, thighs and lower abs. This is something I've come to accept, and that I need to work extra hard it to keep the fat off these problem areas. The next year I'll be working more on my abs, thighs and butt in an effort to make them more defined.

I suppose that's what keeps us going...a goal..a pursuit, regardless of how elusive it seems - that's what makes it so much fun. It's the challenges and the ideal that we'll reach that goal to have a better set of something. Whatever it is, we all want to have better...legs, shoulders, thighs, abs. It's all in the striving and that's what personally keeps me motivated. Of course, the fitness side of things is always uppermost in my mind, but I am always striving to improve how my body looks.

I'm already thinking about summer, and what swimmers I'll be wearing. I'm very conscious about my tummy and the loose skin, so I've been looking for something that's going to show off my back and shoulders, but hide most of my tummy, especially the bottom bit. I've discovered Monokinis. That's what I'm going to be wearing this summer.

As far as moving forward and taking it to the next level - that's what's happening over the next two months before I go to Kapooka. I start at Crossfit at the end of August, and will probably start back at formal Wing Chun training the following week. So I've my work cut out for me in the planning of my training, as I still need to work in my new physio rehab exercises for my wrist and achilles tendon, as well as maintaining my current ones for my multifidus and RHS glutes. I also need to up the intensity in my training, and start preparing for Wing Chun, i.e. revise the syllabus so I don't feel like a total nincompoop when I start back there. And I still have to keep in mind the training preparation for my military training at the Army Recruit Training Centre in Kapooka, which is tentatively booked for start of October.

Well that's about it...had a great legs workout this morning (I just love doing BB squats), and my motivation is high! Have a great week all!

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