Saturday, February 28

Time for Renewal...

Today is time for renewal...

After a less-than-perfect week, which for the first time on this IBO journey, has done my head in a little, I've decided that it's time for some serious 'me time'...and time for introspection.

Sometimes, when we begin our journeys, we get a little lost along they way when we forget the why of what we're doing. I've kept my life pretty simple these last few years, and with the advent of the 'new me', I've created some complications - mainly in my head. I've filled my head with way too much stuff and I've been overanalysing a bit too much.

So this week, I plan to firstly empty my head. It's overflowing, and I can't possibly move forward with my head this way. I need to empty it first and find some inner peace and tranquility, before I can begin to re-fill it. And only then I can re-visit the why and progress to the next leg of this journey.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Thursday, February 26

You Asked for it Frankie!

Hey Frankie...I didn't forget. Here's those pics I promised of my 40th birthday weekend bash. I know...not really 'risque', but a good time was had by all. We ended our weekend with fish' n 'chips and a temporary tattoo to surprise the boys when we got home. That's about as daring as I

Wednesday, February 25

Striking a Balance

I've just finished catching up on some blogs. I really enjoyed LizN's recent post about the 'important vs not-so-important', and it struck a chord with me. As you may have read (or not), I've been doing alot of thinking lately. Sometimes, I have to admit, I think a bit too much when I should be 'doing' - I'm a prolific daydreamer. But...that is something that's important for me to do. I have become better in my 'older years' at making sure that I give myself time to think and ponder, but ensure I also make time to take off my thinking cap, and put on my running shoes.

This week I've made progress. I'm utilising my diary a lot more and sticking to the tasks I set in my diary. It is so easy to get sidetracked on the internet and in blogland, so I've been making a concerted effort to be a bit more selective and limit my time, so I can get other important things done. It's also down as one of my 2009 goals - to create a more balanced approach in all areas of my life.

One thing I do find difficult to keep a balanced approach with, is my training. I hate missing any training days, and feel like I may be sliding if I do. Last week I missed one session and initiallly felt like I was piking out, but in all honesty, to go ahead with the session meant that I would not have listened to my body - and I like to stay tuned to the messages my body is sending me. I've regretted it in the past by ignoring these messages. I didn't pike completely, and felt the better for doing 'something' that I felt was achievable, without compromising my health or my program overall.

This week is proving a challenge for me. Again, I'll be missing a (cardio) session, but there's not alot I can do about that. Had to listen to my body again and rest on Monday when I wasn't feeling well, and is it turned out, I had a great workout last night and was able to push myself a little more and improve on my previous week's workout. So I see that as a good start to my training week. As part of the 'balanced way of life', I re-arranged my days around to fit in what I could, and feel much better now about how it's panning out. The thing is...I've done everything I can about what I can control, so it's no use worrying about what I can't. As long as I've put in my 110% during my training workouts and followed my nutrition plan, then I'm happy.

So home life has been much happier and I feel grounded again. The house is clean, the washing is done, Philomena's been getting more 'outside play' time (which means more physical activity for me) and more variety. There's been more variety in the meals department, so hubby has been happier, and my daily tasks are being crossed out. Still a bit to get crossed out this week, but so-far-so-good!

Now I'm off to prepare lunch for myself and Miss Phil! Hope you are all having a 'balanced week' yourselves. Would love to know how you all keep that balance in your life (Raechelle, I haven't done any meditation for some time, so that is something I really need to make time for).

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Tuesday, February 24

Feeling Ordinary

Yep! Dont' know what happened, but yesterday afternoon I started feeling rather 'off', to say the least. Got worse as the afternoon wore on. This is very unusual for me. I don't think I've felt like this for over 6 months. I've had time off training for recovery, to do with fatigue, but haven't actually been sick.

So no training for me last night, which is rather annoying, as I've already had to re-arrange my training due to a couple of things that have come up unexpectedly, that I just can't get around. So my main aim this week is to get in all my weights sessions, and I should be able to get in a couple of cardio sessions. It's just annoying!

I had a bit of a fever last night and woke up in a sweat, so obviously something was up. But feeling fine this morning and off to the gym tonight!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Monday, February 23

Questionnaire Bandwagon

I wasn't going to, but since Frankie did it (and Nicole, and Carolyn...blah..blah...blah), I now feel like I should. It's just my curious nature, and the fact that I could possibly be missing out on something...I dunno...haven't thought too deeply about it, but I want to (work out why I want to do this, that

1. Can you cook? Yes
2. What was your dream growing up? In school - to travel the world by living in different countries. Out of school - have a huge martial arts organisation with lots of branches

3. What talent do you wish you had? To play musical instruments, especially the piano and guitar. (Opposed to you Frankie, I can draw. Above is a pencil drawing I did which I have hanging in the office/hobby room)
4. Favorite place? In the rainforest looking out over mountain ranges.

5. Your favourite vegetable? Don' them all.
6. What was the last book you read? The Military History of Australia...(still reading).
7. What zodiac sign are you ? Aquarius
8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? No to tattoos, and ears pierced (once).
9. Worst Habit? Procrastinating ...very popular habit
I noticed.
10. Do we know each other outside of blogging? Ditto to Frankie's buddies with Frankie and Rachael, some via IBO forum, and
11. What is your favorite sport? To play - martial arts, To watch - cricket.
12. Negative or Optimistic attitude? I definitely suffer from polyanna syndrome

13. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me? Chat, and be wondering about how long it's going to be before I wet myself and/or break wind.
14. Worst thing to ever happen to you? Miscarriage.
15. Tell me one weird fact about you: I'm hyper-mobile, i.e. my joints are really flexible, so I can bend my fingers back really far, as well as my wrists, ankles, shoulder joints.
16. Do you have any pets? No, cause we live in a unit, but had lots of pets growing up. My favourite pet when I was a kid was a kelpie cross called 'Wimpy'.
17. Do you know how to do the macarena? No

18. What time is it where you are now? 8:17am
19. Do you think clowns are cute or scary? Neither
20. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be? My loose skin on the bottom of my tummy from pregnancy
21. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience? Your conscience
22. What color eyes do you have? Brown
23. Ever been arrested? Never
24.Favorite fictional character of all time? Wong Fei Hong - Jet Li's character in the 'Once Upon a Time in China' trilogy.

25.If you won $10,000 dollars today, what would you do with it? Sock some dollars away for 12 months worth of supplements, gym membership and IBO training programs, and then the rest on the mortgage.
26.If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Reading minds (when and if I chose too)
27. What’s your favorite hangout? castle
28. Do you believe in ghosts? Need to expand on the term 'ghosts'. Too ambiguous a term.
29. Favorite thing to do in your spare time? Watching a good movie, reading or gardening.

30. Do you swear a lot? Not alot
31. Biggest pet peeve? Guys leaving weights on the bars cause they're too damned lazy to put them back!
32. In one word, how would you describe yourself? Aloof
33. Will you re-post this so I can fill it out and do the same for you? Done

Friday, February 20

The Meaning of Life

How I do may be in for a long post (actually...a marathon post), so I'm giving you an early warning, just in case you want to skip it, and try another blog.

I'm so very tired. Such a big week - physically and mentally. Well, not as physically taxing as last week, in relation to workouts, but alot of full days pushing Philomena around in a pram loaded with food stocks, nappies, etc. And because we catch public transport to get around and then have to walk to wherever it is we need to get to, as well as being a hot, sticky, week, it's kinda hit me all of a sudden. And then of course, getting to the gym at nights.

And after today, doing my defence force testing, etc, it has been a real drain - I left early this morning to catch the train and didn't get back til about 3pm. My brain feels like this week's contents are oozing out, there's just been too much happening too quickly for my liking. I prefer the quieter, more relaxed pace - which this week just hasn't been.

Oh! BTW...I'm actually having a bit of a whinge, cause I'm feeling a little sombre. AW is currently in his cave, and doesn't seem to wanting to say much (to me anyway). So we haven't discussed how I went at the testing today. So feel like giving him the forks tonight -so to speak. I shouldn't be like this, but men are such boys AW is usually very supportive, and I know he's tired, but shit!...I've been going like the clappers physically and mentally, while still looking after an active toddler, cleaning, preparing meals (not just mine), washing...AND....keeping a happy face on to boot! Even when I'm tired, I'm still happy, but AW is such a misery-guts! Hell...what have we got to be miserable about? Nothing!!! How short our memories...hello...Victorian Bushfires and Nth Qld Flooding...loss of home, belongings, that's something to be miserable about!

Even though I've been going like the clappers, I still have had time to do a lot of thinking and contemplating (about life I do). It's been when we've been waiting for a bus, or a train, or like today, coming home on the train. I like to observe people, and I know I shouldn't, but I love listening to their conversations. You can tell alot about people by listening to their conversations. You can also come to appreciate the life you have when you hear the types of lives that others have too.

The great thing about catching the train into the city, is that you get to see what people do in their everyday work lives, and you wonder about their lives and what they find interesting about them, if anything. Are they happy? What are their plans? Do they have any? What are they striving for - everyday catching the same train, at the same time. Faces that look straight ahead...cold, still, unmoving on the outside...but what's going on in their heads on the inside? What books are they reading and why?

And after today...BTW...I didn't get my first preference, which was ambitious (officer position - seems I'm not 'smart enough'), but I qualified for my second and third preferences, and even the jobs are available, so that's a plus. Anyway...after being told that 'officer' wasn't a possibility (at this stage), I was a little disappointed I have to say. All those thoughts of grandeur about what I was going to be doing were shot down in flames. :(

However...on doing some more reflecting on the way home, and some more observing of people, and some more eavesdropping on conversations, I felt strangely at peace. The feeling was almost surreal. All of a sudden, the thought of being an officer wasn't that important in the big scheme of things. I thought about the reasons why I wanted to join the Reserves in the first place - before I knew what my options were. And it was never really about the actual position. It was about the whole lifestyle of the defence forces. The fact that I get to be physically fit as a requirement of the job, while learning new skills all the time...travelling for training...all the outdoor skills you learn...the flexibility of working hours and options as Philomena gets older...the opportunity to give back something of myself to the community at large...and so much more. And the best part of it all...I GET PAID TO DO IT - TAX-FREE! Now that slant on things really puts life into perspective for me. How fortunate am I?

When I got back to the train station, I had to quickly pop into the local bank. It happened to be the bank that I was employed with as a 2IC. And while I was waiting, I did some more observing, and eavesdropping and more contemplation. You see...going back to being a bank officer was originally an option (a safe one) for me, when thinking about returning to the work force. But you know...after today, I thought..."you've got to be kidding yourself Kerry. There's no way you could ever go back to this boring, mundane, life-sucking, slow, strangulating, death wish! You may as well bury me here...right now if that's the picture of my future."

So...what is the meaning of (my) life...I've had some great opportunities to really reflect on this, and well...I still haven't worked it out, but hey, I just love being deep in thought about it all and appreciating all the god-given gifts I have. One of those gifts, is that I have two legs and two arms and I have a normal body. Why am I thinking about this?

You see...on the train, I saw a young height-challenged woman, and I thought to know are so lucky that you have a what is considered a normal physique with all limbs attached and no major health problems, bodily disfiguration, etc, etc. If I was that young woman, there is no way I would have been able to even contemplate joining the reserves. There's no way I would have been able to physically achieve some of the things that I have achieved in my life. And then I thought about the person who has a disability, or lacks in some way which puts them at a disadvantage, and I thought - well that doesn't mean they can't achieve amazing things - because there are people with physical and mental challenges who have achieved amazing things as well as ordinary things - just like you and I. And when you really, really think about it - these people are people who have accepted their limitations and used their god-given talents to the maximum. And all with a phenomenal surrender attitude!

So whatever I do, as long as it's something which I feel is unique, varied, interesting, challenging (physically and mentally), creative, opportunistic, inspiring, uplifting, yet still provides balance and flexibility in my life, then I feel my life has meaning. :)

*Phew...feel better now I've got all that off my chest...nitey-nite.

Tuesday, February 17

They Won't Have Problems Finding your Veins!

Isn't it funny what we get embarrassed about? I remember when I was training in martial arts and was pretty fit, I used to get alot of comments about my biceps - especially from my male students. And recently, I had met one of my ex-students, who trained under me as a young boy, until he finished high school. He is now a tall, strapping young man and is in the Airforce. A born leader, and beautiful young man, who is into extreme sport (and now cage-fighting, which I can't really take to), I can say I am very proud to have taught him. Anyway...when we met again recently, he commented on how good a shape I was in, and then said, "you always did have big guns". Of course, my guns aren't as big as they were back in my training days, but they'll get there.

When I stacked on the weight, I no longer had big guns, but had 'tuckshop arms'. OMG, I hated those flabby arms, which were once something to be proud about - and to think....I used to be embarassed because I had big guns! I swore that when I got rid of those tuckshop arms, I'd never again be embarrassed to have nice, muscular biceps. And now that I have them - I love them! No more tuckshop arms - I'm proud to wear them (biceps).

Now something else that I'm getting alot of comments on lately, and more now from strangers, veins.

I always was vascular, and now that I've reduced my bodyfat considerably, my arms are very vascular. The vein going up the bicep is also becoming quite visible. So now I get alot of stares, and, alot of comments. And this one really takes the cake...took my little girl to tiny tots gym today, and they had to swing on a bar like a monkey. Miss Phil wanted me to do it with her, but I told her no (it was only toddler sized). A women whose little girl was next to Miss Phil on the bar commented "with those veins popping out, you shouldn't have any problems"! What the ???? I could only drop my jaw, as I didn't know what to say, and was very confused as to what my veins had to do with swinging on a bar like a monkey.

Anyway...when it comes down to it, even though it's a little off-putting to have people staring at my arms, I now think of it like this...better to have people staring at me because I'm muscular, as opposed to being fat and having tuckshop arms!

Friday, February 13

In the Zone...

Just a quick post to tell you that I had a great training session tonight. I had been feeling really flat all day, and to be honest, the thought of more lunges was worrying me, because I am still so sore. Philomena, who just loves to climb all over me, had me jumping out of my skin all day - that's how sensitive and sore I am.

Anyway, knowing this is just a psychological thing, toddled off to the gym. I couldn't stop yawning. But once I got into the warm-up, I started to pick up again. Even towards the end, while running to finish off the program, I was feeling pumped and so motivated! As the title says...I was IN THE ZONE....I love it when it all comes together!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Thursday, February 12

Does My Butt Look Big in This?

Sorry Jude...after your title, I had to think of something to get some attention!
No, my butt is not hard and round like hers (in the photo), but (no pun intended), I would love to have one like hers. And hence, the reason I'm talk about butts. Actually - my butt. gluteals to be precise (I know...same thing). Anyway, the short of it is...

My glutes are super, super sore! Ouch! It's the lunges and pop squats. Oh!...yes...the quads, as well as the glutes that are caning. This is definitely the most sore I've been in all the 6 months of training. And I'm only into Day 4 of week 1! I haven't actually had much DOMS to-date, so I am definitely breaking new ground with the DOMS. But ya know? I'm full of energy, and apart from the soreness, feel pretty damn good!

I am also HUNGRY! It started this morning...the hunger pangs (I'm hungry now...shall toddle off for Meal no.6 very shortly). I have been feeling rather full, now that I'm fitting in an extra meal. And today...can't even go 2 hours before that knawing feeling starts. But having gone through this experience already, am not concerned. It just means my body is doing what it's supposed to be doing and I need to fuel it (like...right now!).

Nitey nite. :)

Wednesday, February 11

Killer Workout

That's how I felt today after my workout at the gym. Just to give you a taste...

Warm-up followed by these...

dumbbell walking lunges
pop squats
Repeat...Rest 2 minutes, then...

Plie Squats
Swiss Ball Hip Bridge into hamstring curl
pop squats
Repeat..finished off with...

BB Rollout

Probably doesn't sound alot, but my butt and legs are still hurting from my full body circuit and fartlek training. And toward the end, I could only do 10 pop squats and was on go slow for the last five. OMG those pop squats kill!

Lucky it's only upper body tomorrow, though I have the feeling the DOMS are going to be screaming at me, especially my butt DOMS!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

P.S. Enjoying the challenge though Kristin. :)

40th Birthday Celebrations

What a big week it's been! I've been so busy, and with such a full weekend, it left little time for cleaning, washing and shopping. Hubby had a busy day on Monday, was late home and had to leave early for Warwick the next morning, so it was finished off with a late night at the gym, followed by shopping (which I just made in the nick of time), and home to prepare meals 5 and 6, which were consumed at 9:30pm and 10pm respectively! Went to bed exhausted, and with a very full belly, as I couldn't hang out any longer, and hit the sack at about 10:30pm. Prior to that, I didn't get home until 7pm on Sunday, so the shops were shut, and there was no food in the fridge! I just scraped in with my meals on Monday, let me tell ya!

Anyway...the weekend? FABULOUS! The top picky is us just before leaving Brisbane. The second is the view from our balcony, overlooking Kings Beach, and the third pic is Friday night's meal...grilled salmon and salad with poppyseed and honey mustard dressing, accompanied by fresh paw paw with mango dressing...yummmy!

I will share more pics when I get them from my girlfriends. Friday night dinner just wasn't complete until the girls dressed me up in a tiara, purple boa and dazzling sunglasses encrusted with purple and variously coloured glitter, before embarking on our birthday dinner. Picture 'Priscilla - Queen of the Desert', and that will give you a rough idea of what I looked like! There were plenty of strange looks to be had.

The weather was just perfect! I can't believe our luck. Had a late night Friday night, and after wearily watching the DVD, 'The Holiday' and drooling over Jude Law, and saying how georgeous Cameron Diaz is, I hit the sack at about 1am. Meanwhile, a couple of the gals were making alot of noise in the main BR, hitting some terrible notes on 'Songstar'. So we just turned up the volume...he...he...

I woke up at 5am (would you believe...gosh I hate that), and couldn't get back to sleep so I decided to go for a brisk walk around to Bulcock beach and back, followed by a refreshing swim in the surf. Did that the next morning too, and made the most of the sun and surf. I could definitely live by the coast - the lifestyle is so bohemian!

There was alot of fun to be had by and lunch in and lunch in Caloundra...alot of cocktails consumed (by the girls)...a new wine for me - Brown Brothers Zebbebo - very nice with tropical fruit juice...more food...swimming...alot of chatting (as we do)...more shopping at the Caloundra markets on Sunday morning, and finished off with good old fish and chips by the water, before heading off home. Ahhhhh...very pleasant indeed, though 3 days is just not long enough. We're planning a week next time!

Thursday, February 5


You probably recognise this photo of Darcy Freeman, the little girl that was thrown over Melbourne's West Gate bridge recently. I don't normally take too much notice of tragic media stories of children, mainly because I find them too disturbing. But I couldn't help read about
this particular one.
Even as I write this, my eyes are welled up with tears and I have a lump in my throat. I keep running a picture over and over in my head of what it may have been like to be this little girl as she stared death in the face. I think of little Philomena, and it truly makes me sad whenever I think of children who are subject to such atrocities, and I will never understand how an adult, who is supposed to be the protector, can even think of hurting those to which they have been entrusted.
Kerry :(

Calm before the Storm...

"Rain dripping from eaves sounds nature's poetry. We speak and write to explain to ourselves." Introspective words. So true. It's nice when you discover that someone has found a perfect way to describe how you feel about certain things. Tranquility is definitely what I feel when it's raining - especially at night, just before bed, or just when I'm having a lazy day, and Philomena is quiet. It's an opportune time just to be in the present, and contemplate life and how beautiful the world is when it's raining softly.

Well, the next few days signify 'calm' for me. I won't be posting or reading emails or blogs for a few days, so that will make a nice change. Just a nice birthday weekend away with the girls - all six of us! We leave tomorrow morning, and head up to Montville on the way up, as we all adore it. And it will be a chance for me to be able to potter around, since I don't normally have that luxury with Philomena, being the typical energetic, curious nearly-3yr old she is. It also means a time to linger and soak up the atmosphere and charm that is Montville.

We're staying in a 3br apartment with a spa in each room, and a full-length verandah overlooking King's beach! We're so excited about it. These girlie weekends are starting to become a (nice) habit. I'm the last one of the girls to turn 40, so we wanted to make sure we were celebrating in style. And it's special for me, as we've been friends (except one) since Grade 2 of primary school. So we've all grown together and shared all the changes, ups and downs over 34 good years. We call ourselves 'Steel Magnolias', after that movie of the same name. We all watch it together every few years, and it still makes us cry, as we realise that one day that will be our older years, looking back at all the things we've done and shared together. All different... unique...a little wacky, and still life-long friends. Sniff...Sniff...

So the storm? That starts Monday.

Got my new program yesterday. I knew if would be tough, and I was really looking forward to the challenge. So after my initial reaction...OMG!...this woman (Kristin) is trying to kill me!...I then realised that hey - this is exactly what I asked for, and as it says on Craig Harpers' new t-shirt...SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!

Truly though...I can't wait to start! I anticipate that I'm going to be feeling pretty smashed come the end of next week, and the thought of getting fitter again is hard to describe...tantalising...delicious even!

My program for the first 4 weeks will be a combination of cardio and weights/resistance, with the weights consisting of 4 separate workouts - 1 full body circuit, plus a 3 day split of legs/core; back/biceps/triceps; and chest/shoulders/core. Cardio is 3 sessions per week plus 2 sprint sessions after resistance training days. The 3 cardio sessions will be split between Interval training, Fartlek Running session and Sprint/Lunges/Push Ups/Walking Interval + Moderate Jog Combo. I then can add in an Outdoor walk with my back pack spaced every 2 weeks, gradually increasing the weight. I was so impressed with my program! I love it! Though we'll see how the body responds to the new regime. My nutrition has also changed, which I anticpated. More carbs and fats, and some more supplements are in order I think, to help with strength and recovery. I'm going to need all the help I can muster, me thinks!

Anyway...better go - got to start getting everything ready and get some cooking and cleaning done to make it a little easier for Anthony and Philomena while I'm away. This will be the first time I will have been away from Philomena for two nights in a row without seeing her at all!

Have a great weekend all, and I'll talk to you upon my return.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Wednesday, February 4

Can't Keep My Hands Out the Cookie Jar...

No...I'm not referring to anything related to food!

You see...I'm in denial about getting older. Not so much about the biological age, but physically, and also in relation to my psyche.

You know how some people do different things, like buying a racy new sports car; hitting the nightclubs with the young, hip chicks; having cosmetic surgery or procedures? I think there's a word for it...MID-LIFE CRISIS...

There's no way that turning 40 has changed me (yet). I've felt like this for some time, and that was a big motivation for me to get fit again. My last chance to look and feel shit-hot before nature takes its' course.

Anyway...where is this leading? All I wanted to do was share with you a pop/hip-hop tune that I love.'s kinda rappy and shallow, but I love it! You see...I decided, in order to move forward I needed to discard some things from my past, and I thought it was about time I (temporarily) wave goodbye to my 'daggy oldy' music. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my daggy oldy music (as my husband calls it - cause he's younger than me), but it just wasn't cutting it for me in the gym. I've found I really love this shallow, hip/hop music, because it really gets me in the zone for some serious butt kicking training sessions.

Here's the link..."Cookie Jar" - Gym Class Heroes...

Hope it works - I still don't have sound on my computer ATM. Other shallow music I love ATM..."Poker Face" - Lady GaGa..."Right Now" - Akon..."Live your Life"...T.I feat. Rihanna. Just can't get enough of this music at the moment...gets me pumped!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

I'm gonna need all the help I can get. Just got my new program...yikes! Secretly...looking forward to the thrashing. :)

Tuesday, February 3

Happy Birthday to Me...

Today I said goodbye to the '30 something years'...

12 months ago, I was dreading turning 40, but I wasn't feeling the same then. Today, 1 year later, I'm feeling and looking like a different person - the older, younger version of Kerry. So...I've reached my goal...FIT AND FAB AT 40! :) Oh how good it feels! I'm so excited and full of energy. I feel like I'm 18 again...eager to go out and explore the world and experience new things!

Anyway...above is a picture of my birthday cake that my hubby cooked on the weekend for me...Chocolate and Butterscotch cake. Very delicious! He was a bit disappointed, as it didn't look like the picture in the recipe book, but I don't care - it tastes good! I just got off the phone with a friend (wishing me a happy b-day), and we were talking about the cake, and she asked whether I was going to eat the whole thing. Well I said that 12 months ago I would have, but I'm happy these days to have a little and then divvy it out to family, who are always happy to receive these kind of left overs.

Okay...gotta fly. I'm meeting a girlfriend for birthday coffee, and haven't had a shower yet, and another friend is coming over to babysit Phil. Then it's off to the chiropractor this arvo, and then a long-awaited massage this afternoon...can't wait! And I'll finish the night off with some quality time with my husband - for whom none of this could have happened without his unflailing love and support (and money...he..he..he)!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

P.S. The 2nd photo is another one of my recent professional pics.

Sunday, February 1

A State of Flux...

Come on 9th February...tap,tap,tap...

Being in-between programs feels really weird. It's like you really love the fact that you're off program and don't have to be so rigid with the food and training, but you still have to be on-guard and make sure those nasty fat cells don't start an invasion while you're slacking off a little.

So I'm sitting here...tap,tap,tap...thinking about the last couple of whirl-wind weeks - getting excited about what my new program's going to look like...thinking about things around the house and paperwork I still need to get done...about this week, and my weekend away and even though I'm looking forward to my last hoorah as 39, before I step over the edge, I am so eager to start the next phase of my journey. It's starting to get real...setting a goal...getting so close, i.e. army reserves.

I went into the disposal store yesterday to look for boots to start getting use to wearing and walking around in, plus socks and an assortment of other stuff to take my trainig to the next level. I bought this great pedometer which also is an alarm, exercise timer, stopwatch, etc, etc. I've really mixed up the training in the last week and-a-half. I did a fit-box class last week, and my upper body was sooo sore for 3-4 days after. I was pushed pretty hard, and I was rather happy with the result. No injuries, no strains - just some serious DOMS! Actually, I don't think I've ever felt so much DOMS since starting my IBO program. I've been skipping (f*%k me...that's tough!), hitting the bag...fists, sticks, elbows (my skin's gone soft - gotta condition them), walking with weighted back-pack...while continuing with my tell you the truth...I've been stuffed!...and I'm loving it!

I'd forgotten how much impacting, i.e. hitting mitts, punching bags, skipping, etc, really fatigues the body and how much energy is absorbed and reverberates throughout, including your joints. I'm constantly thinking about how fit I'm going to be, and the thought of it all is quite exhilirating! I have that feeling of being so focused and determined, like I was, especially in my first program. But at the same time, I feel strangely calm and centred. Like the good old martial arts days...that fire burning to be the best me...faster, fitter, stronger.

I'm also loving reading the forums and blogs ATM...there's some really pumped IBO'ers out there, and it's so satisfying to read about how excited they are. The atmosphere at the moment around the IBO circle is quite different to what it's been. I've never felt such an undercurrent of strength and determination (in my short time on the program), and I think we're going to see a real explosion this year of amazing transformations...can't wait! :)

Anyway...that's about all there is to report. Some girls have been asking about the rest of my photos, so I've attached one I really like. It captures my mindset when I'm training hard, and how I'm feeling at the moment...the old me.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

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