Tuesday, July 28

It's One Year Ago Today...

That I looked like this....

And this...

And this....

After shot....Front

After shot...Back

After shot...Side

* My after shots were taken in January, 2009. Still looking pretty much the same, even though heavier.
Start weight, 28/7/08 was 71.6kg, Finish Weight, 16/1/09, 54.75kg (post depletion)
Happy Weight - 58kg

Today...28th July, 2009 is exactly one year since I started my Fit-and-Fab-at-40 journey with Ideal Bodies Online. And what a ride it's been!

Looking back, and looking at my before photos, I don't even know who that person is. And I have vowed I will never return to that place again. So far, I've been able to maintain, and my aim is to stay lean, but just get stronger and fitter. Of course, I still have a goal to get more definition around the butt and thighs, and lose more fat off my abs and get a six pack...that's my ultimate goal.

However, I'm very happy with who I am right now and where things are heading. If I stay looking as I do now, then I would still be happy, because I know how hard I've worked to get here. But I know that I won't stay here...in the same place. My body will change more as I train more and my type of training changes. That will be inevitable, but I know the changes will all be good. As long as I'm training hard and my nutrition is balanced, I have nothing to fear.

I had an emotional moment in the gym just recently...

I was on the bike and a song played in the gym. It was 'The Fray's song called...To Save a Life. When I started at the gym 12 months ago, this song, along with the whole album, is all I played for about three months! Yeah...I'm a serial 'repeat song' offender - it drives my husband crazy. For some reason it struck a chord with me, and really got my deepest emotions stirring. So hearing the song again brought back a rush of feelings that I first experienced starting out on my journey.

I remember that time so clearly...I had bought these size 14 gym clothes at K-Mart...some 3/4 tights, a crop top, and a big t-shirt. I made sure the t-shirt was loose enough and big enough to cover my spare tyres and my fat butt, and that the sleeves were long enough to cover my tuckshop arms!
I also remember looking at the before and after photos on IBO's website, and thinking how I'd love to look like some of those girls, and wondering if I'd ever look like any of them. I remember specifically looking at Michaela Muller's before and after's, and saying to myself..."Damn, I'd love to be as lean and muscly as her!", never really believing that I could.

All I knew when I started 12 months ago, is that I no longer wanted to look and feel fat, and I wanted to be fit again and feel confident again. I also knew somehow, that it was my time! I knew from the momemt I signed that contract that there was no going back.
For those of you who are still on their own health and fitness journey, I would like to give you hope that anything is possible if you really, truly want something bad enough, and your heart aches for change, that YOU CAN DO IT!

It's just making the decision to burn all your bridges, and making the decision that nothing will get in your way UNTIL...you will not give in UNTIL...you will be focused and determined UNTIL!

Regardless of how you look on the outside, it's how you feel on the inside. That image you have of the person you want to be and look like...nourish it...feed it...give it what it needs to grow and flourish....UNTIL...the person you see on the outside resembles the person you know who you are on the inside!

Have a better week, and thank you to everyone who has entered my life in the last twelve months. You have made my journey so far, an exceptional one and without your friendship...your words of support and encouragment, I daresay, my journey would have been less than...significant and enjoyable!

* P.S. I weighed end last week at my heaviest at 59.8kg! Ouch! Didn't stop eating after getting back from my army weekend of hardly any food and sleep. Being all carbs, I'm not worried, and hope to get back to my ideal weight of 58kg within a couple of weeks. Nutrition back on track since Monday. I'm still looking lean, but know that Ihave to keep on track and more consistently, nutrition-wise to maintain over the long term. I intend to end off my last week of my 4th, and last IBO program well!
* P.S.S. I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU TO SUE & KRISTIN from Ideal Bodies Online. Without IBO and Sue and Kristin's on-going support, encouragement, and faith in me, I don't know where I'd be today!

And here's a Couple for You, Esme...

Have a great day!

* P.S. The credit must go to my sister, Carol, who sent me these pics...we had a great laugh going through them all. Thanks sis!

Monday, July 27

This Made Me Think of You Frankie...

And just to clarify...it was online dating, that made me think of Frankie, and the fact that reading this gave me a chuckle. And like Frankie's posts which relate to dating, stalking, whatever...I can never click over fast enough to read about what exciting drama is happening in her life, and enjoy a chuckle. Love ya work Frankie!

Sunday, July 26

So Much To Do...So Little Time

Today I'm feeling a little tired, overwhelmed and over it!

Over it, in that I've had a real busy month and I haven't been able to follow my program because of the slight turmoil from starting in the army, being sick, social stuff, plus now having a couple of injuries, niggles. It's not only thrown out my exercise, but my eating as well, and it's just been one roller coaster ride this past six weeks.

I have one more week on my 4th and last Ideal Bodies Online program, and I'm annoyed because I haven't been able to maximise on this last program due to the changes in my life. I know I just have to get my head around it all. So many changes have happened, and are still happening as I write this.

My gym membership expires end of August, and now my Kapooka training is set for beginning of October. I was going to start at Crossfit and start my martial arts training upon my return (which was originally going to be September), but I don't want to put it off until then, because now it will be November. With the recent injuries/niggles, I'm still not sure how my training is going to go, and am being very protective, as I want to be 100% fit for Kapooka. So I don't know what the hell I'm going to do training-wise. I really have to sit down and think about it. I have to be careful, when I know with only 10 weeks to go, I need to start upping the ante to prepare myself, as my fitness level has dropped since the changes started to take place. I was hoping to peak fitness-wise by Kapooka, but just am a little overwhelmed by the uncertainty of my training.

Life at home is a little crazy too, and things are starting to get out of hand again. I like to be organised and know where things are sitting, and at the moment I don't. I finally got to water my beloved garden today. It's been about a month, and my poor plants are just about dead! A couple have given up the ghost, and the outside of the place is in dire need of some TLC. With only one month before spring, now is the time I need to put in some time in the garden, and get fertilising, composting, pruning and getting my plants back to health again.

So this month is BACK ON TRACK month! I think I will just get all my shit sorted out, the house back to a nice, clean, organised state (it does my head in when there's mess around - I can't function properly); get my tax finalised; the office sorted; the outside and garden cleaned and sorted and get my house looking like a home again...oh...and spend some much needed time with little Miss Phil, who still isn't potty trained, so I need to focus on her! And my nutrition has slipped this last week, so I will be getting on track as of tomorrow.

Hopefully, by the end of the month, life will seem a little more balanced and my head more clear, so that I can make some important decisions as to what the next step is to maintain the gains I've made in the last 12 months, and what I need to do to continue moving forward, while keeping my life balanced and as stress-free as possible.

In saying all of that, I may not be posting as much over the next month, or reading blogs, as I really need to focus on home, family, and me, so I'm firing on all cyclinders by the end of August.

Ciao for now...Kerry :-)

Friday, July 24


"Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough"

- Og Mandino

Wednesday, July 22

AW's Birthday & Stuff

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my post 'G.I.Warny'. It was a special weekend for me, and even though I may have sounded like I was in my element - the truth is, it was a struggle at times for me. I just sucked it up, and it's much easier when everyone is going through the same thing. And basically, there's no time to think of how uncomfortable or hard it is...you just do it. Strange thing is, you can't wait to go through it all again.

Secondly...I've been so busy and tired, I haven't had much time to catch up on blogs, so I do apologise if I haven't made any comments. I will try and catch up on them this week some time.

Okay...Aw's birthday...he turned 33, and was complaining because he was gettting older...lol...

We spent the morning at Max Brenner's chocolate restaurant/cafe at Robina. I heard about this place from Kristin, and thought hubby and Phil would love it, as they are both chocoholics. I loved the atmosphere and decor...slightly bohemiam. And chocolate in all forms everywhere (with a price tage to match!).

The first picture is what I had...Tutti-Frutti, which was Belgian waffle drizzled with milk chocolate and served with ice-cream, strawberries and bananas. It was delish, and after eating it, thought I should have got a Tutti-Frutti for two. I also had a cappucino, Max Brenner style, which is served in a cup with a lip which holds chocolate, so that it melts into the cappucino and then they drizzle melted chocolate on top of the froth. That was quite nice.

AW enjoyed his Babka which was like a cinnamon and chocolate scroll with a serve of melted chocolate on the side to pour over it. And little Miss Phil enjoyed her chocolate muffin, though it had some fancy mamsy name like...Snow Top Mountain chocolate something...basically a chocolate muffin with white icing on top and those ball bearing sprinkles on top. She also had a hot chocolate.

Sorry about the picture quality, but I can't find my camera (still!), and so had to use my camera phone.

If you haven't been to Robina Town Centre, well you will just have to visit if you love shopping! It's the first time I've been there since they've done some huge renovations, and the shops there are great. There's your mainstream ones, and then there's alot of little boutique shops with stuff you don't see anywhere else. We didn't have much time to look around the whole shopping centre, but what we did see we loved. Alot of chic cafes and restaurants (downstairs) too; playground for the kids and specialty kids stores.

I stumbled upon a Rockwear outlet, and had to go in. My gym clothes are getting quite faded and worn, so I have to start replacing the gym wardrobe. I've been thinking about buying some skorts (skirts with shorts underneath), because they're slimming; they show your legs, but aren't too tight and revealing and I still don't like anyone to see my thighs, so they are ideal. Anyway...I spotted some in Rockwear and decided to try them on and I love them! The last pic is me with a skort on, and I loved the fact that I could show off my legs. My legs have been hidden away during winter, and I didn't realise they've changed in shape. I am starting to see more definition in my quads and they look a litte bigger, so I was really excited.

So after seeing myself in a skort and liking it, I've decided I'm going to buy a couple of them. Though the only thing was, I noticed a little bit of cellulite just below my bum, which is a stubborn fat area for me, so a new goal of mine is to get a firm, hard butt and smooth thighs! Lots of leg/butt work I think will be on the agenda!

And after our little treat at Max Brenner's we visited friends in Southport and had lunch with them, which just topped off our day. And Philomena of course, had a great time and fell asleep on the way home...which for any parents who have toddlers...this is pure bliss!

Anyway...back to the gym tonight. It will be good to get back into it (though no upper body workouts ATM...wrist injury...not from the army), and after seeing myself in the skort, has provided extra motivation for me!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, July 14

Is it True?

Another eye candy shot, compliments of Crossfit.
So I'm wondering...do these guys always train without their shirts on? Hmmm...if that's true, then I'm definitely looking forward to training at Crossfit. :-)

Sunday, July 12


This is what I ate today...yummo!

Today AW and I went to the Coffee'n'Chocolate Affair at the Portside Wharf, Hamilton (Brisbane). It's an occasion we've pencilled into our yearly calendars for 'us time'. Last year was the first year of the event, and after going last year, we've vowed to make it a regular thing every year. It's quite a decadent day.

We get their early so we can get a good parking spot, and go straight to the 'Lindt' tent, which is our favourite tent. Our first stop is here, because that's where the chocolate coated strawberries are found, and there are three different chocolate fountains...milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate. I had 3 strawberrries - 2 with milk and 1 with white chocolate. And the strawberries are hewwwge!

We then go and buy some Lindt chocolate, usually for gifts, because they sell them at great prices, and today I had to buy some rocky road after sampling some last year (and I get some for Philomena because she loves chocolate and rocky road). It's a real simple recipe, but it's my favourite, and the fact that it's made with Lindt chocolate, tops it off. It has Lindt chocolate (of course), marshmallows, turkish delight and pistachios...to die for...lol...

Then, it's off to buy a good quality coffee. Today it was Bella coffee, and I had some of my rocky road with that. They also have a few other good quality brand coffee tents, but AW likes Bella coffee. It's also time to sample some freebie goodies...chocolate brownies...chocolate coated coffee beans, and much more. I did sample some pieces of brownies, but after the chocolate-coated strawberries, coffee and a little rocky road, that was enough for me. I had to be able to fit in lunch.

AW and I also check out the coffee machines. That's on our wish list, and AW wants a manual expresso, so maybe next year we'll look at getting one (fingers crossed). AW worked in hospitality at a major hotel in his younger days, and learnt alot about coffees and making them (and cleaning the machines), and said he wouldn't buy anything else but a manual. I don't care, as long as he makes the coffee and it's good!

After that we met some friends for lunch, and luckily AW had booked the restaurant. It was nice to be able to saunter past the throng and sit down inside (it was cold and breezy) to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and good conversation. I had 'Chicken Avocado', which was basically chicken breast on turkish bread with avocado, tomato, pesto, cucumber and lettuce, served with beer battered chips and garlic paprika aioli. Whenever I have a free meal, if beer battered chips is on the menu, then I MUST HAVE IT! I couldn't finish my meal though, and ended up taking home a doggy bag with the rest of my meal.

So that was about it. I just love this event because not only was it a beautiful day (even though a little chilly and breezy), but it was just nice to spend time with AW. We got time just to sit in the sun and watch everyone pass by. I love people watching! They have live music too...jazz...funky...nice and mellow, which really sets off the atmosphere.

Then it was time to head off and pick up Philomena who came to my MIL's front door upon our arrival and said..."where's my surprise?". On revealing the rocky road, her face lit up with a huge smile - her hands cupped over her mouth, and with big eyes exclaimed ..."Ooooo...chocolate...my favourite!"

What a perfect way to spend a Sunday!

Friday, July 10

Time Warp

I don't know where this post is going to lead, so I'm just letting you know ahead of time. It may be confusing (for me as well as you).

The great thing about blogging is that it's a wonderful outlet when you just want to 'spill'. You know...get things off your chest. The downside is...you let people see a side of you that you don't always want them to see. But if you hide it, then you're not being honest...with others, and more importantly with yourself. When people say you are strong, you feel obligated to uphold that expectation.

Tonight, I don't feel strong...I feel weak, and I feel like I've let things and people control what I do. I feel like I've given in to my weaknesses a little, and allowed events to influence the outcome. I'm not sure if it's something I can't do much about, or I've left myself open to influence. I suppose I feel like I've been really slack.

You see...I didn't train tonight. I feel like crap! I feel guilty and even though it seems like the events of the days...weeks...months...the weather...have all conspired against me, I feel there's a modicum of responsibility on my part. July has been crazy, to say the least. Actually, it's been crazy ever since my enlistment day. All of a sudden, events have taken on a life of their own. There seems to be more demand on my time...socially and otherwise.

It's like I'm in a time warp and I want to get off, so that life can return to normal....AND NORMAL FOR ME IS TRAINING 5-6 DAYS A WEEK WITHOUT FAIL! I've had the odd break, and recovery periods in-between, but apart from that, that has been my routine for twelve months.

I know things were going to change once I started in the reserves, but it really has thrown me a little, as well as being sick and all these social things happening. Plus...I feel I should try to spend time with my husband and little girl as well. And that's why I feel like I do.

I've had a busy day doing something for a close friend who has done alot for me. I've been driving people around today. Philomena was dropped off this morning at the MIL's, and AW picked her up this afternoon, after returning from his Kingaroy trip. So I've been traipsing around Brisbane.. the airport..picking up my friend after some minor procedures, and just staying with her until her husband came home (she's been kind enough to let me drive her car).

The day was going well. I'd pre-prepared the days meals to make sure my nutrition was on track, and I would be home in time to change and go straight to the gym. Lo and behold, Philomena put up the biggest commotion, and begged me not to go! She said she'd missed me and she wanted me to stay. Her exact words were..."Mummy - don't go! Please stay home tonight!" She put on the waterworks, put her arms around me and wouldn't let go! She didn't want her daddy - she wanted mummy. I didn't know whether it was manipulation, or she genuinely wanted to spend time with me. Now, I go to the gym most nights, so she is pretty used to this. But with being sick, I haven't been to the gym during the nights regularly for at least a couple of weeks. The thing is...she's never ever said this to me before! So it was a decision...what was more important, right now at this moment? I decided Philomena was more important, and that I should give her the benefit of the doubt.

But you know...I still feel like crap, because I've only been able to get to the gym twice this week, and because I've felt good, I am so eager to train and get back to training most days. I feel good when I'm training at least 5-6 days/nights per week. Any less than that, then I feel like things are slipping. So, by this weeks' end, I will have only trained 3 times in the week, and I feel disappointed. After this week, I have only 2 weeks on my last IBO program, and I can't seem to get my shit together to see it out! I'm so pissed off with myself! And I'm looking at the rest of July, and it's like...when the F*&K am I going to be able to train a normal week?

I have a school reunion meeting tomorrow afternoon...it's the coffee and chocolate affair at portside hamilton on Sunday...some quality time with hubby as he loves chocolate - so I can't refuse him, as we haven't had alot of 'us time' lately, as it's been all about me. My army training weekend is next weekend, which starts on Friday night and I don't get home until Sunday...body corp AGM the following week as well as girlie's video night, which is supposed to be a sleepover, but I think I'll be giving that a miss, as I don't want to miss a training session the next day because I haven't had enough sleep...Blah...blah...blah...and I'm supposed to be going to Kapooka at the start of September, which only gives me one whole month to get my shit together and by physically prepared!

Anyway...that's how I'm feeling tonight. Let's hope next week is a better week, even if I can only get in 4 training sessions. If I was really being a 'glass half full' kinda girl, I could say it will be an improvement on the last three weeks, and I'll aim for 5 training sessions the following week. Hey...I think I'm talking myself into something more positive...I see the light...yes...there it is. I think I'll move toward it, while it's still shining.
Cya. :-)

Wednesday, July 8

Stepping Out of My Cocoon

Well I finally remembered to get a shot of myself in Army fatigues. Just gorgeous aren't I? The uniform is quite flattering don't you think (not)? It's all about practicality and not standing out. So in that way, it works well. I do love all the nifty pockets and zips all over to hide things in...like my protein bars, tissues and anything else you can fit in comfortably.

The little white band on the front of my jacket tells everyone that I am a 'Recruit' and leave me the F*&K alone and don't pick on me! Geez Frankie...you were right! That F word is starting to roll off the tongue so easily...lol...Last night I caught myself saying that horrible word. It was on march out parade (the end of the night), and I stuffed up some drill command that I'd only learnt the week before. Straight after we fell out (army language for 'you can relax and slink away now'), I said to my colleague Michelle..."I just F&%KED UP the Open Order March"! She said yes she saw me and the dumb look I had on my face, and we both giggled. Michelle also mentioned that she thought she saw the officer in charge roll his eyes at my pathetic attempt. I definitely had a brain freeze at the precise moment he gave the command.

Anyway...back to my title, Stepping out of my Cocoon...joining the army has been part of this process. Before I gave birth to Philomena, I was in a dark place emotionally. I'd just gone through an ugly business legal battle and a miscarriage around the same time. I needed money and went back working a part-time job, and decided at this point to hide myself away from all the hurt, questions, and generally avoid people altogether. My job was working afternoons/evenings doing process work for Chubb security, and it worked well for me because I didn't have to talk to anyone if I didn't want to, and I didn't have to answer phones. I could just get on with my work and feel safe in the knowledge that nobody would ask questions or pry or try to make real conversation. I spent this time doing alot of healing, contemplation and soul-searching - basically licking my wounds, so-to-speak.

I'm so glad I did this. I went back to doing my art classes during the week, which I loved. I'd drive every week to Canungra (Gold coast hinterland), and we'd draw, paint, stop for coffee and chat - all over a few hours. This was very therapeutic for me, as I'd lost touch with my creative side. During the days I would do my gardening and clean the house, cook for Anthony and contemplate some more. I did alot of reading, going the movies and the pace of my life was a nice plod. It was a band-aid for the soul.

I'd had quite a few epiphanies by that time, and since then have always led a very simple, uncomplicated and stress-free life. And this is the way I decided I wanted things to be, even when we knew Philomena was coming along. Though the 'stress-free' part wasn't so easy, once I had Philomena. Things have become easier as she's gotten older, and as I intended, I kept our lives simple and uncomplicated. Something I feel is important for young children. And something which I've found was even more important for me. It's enabled me to give Philomena the time and patience that is so needed, and to allow me to regain my independence and give myself the time needed to appreciate what's most important about life - and it wasn't the material stuff. It took me a long time to figure this one out!

Since Ideal Bodies Online, which has been 12 months now, life has inextricably changed in ways I could not have imagined. I am myself once more, and feel like I can take on the world again. I am not afraid to reveal who I am or about my journey. After all, it's the journey that's made me who I am today, and I've been able to help many a people because of my experiences. I have been slowly stepping out my safe world...my cocoon, and to meet people where they are, now that I know who I am. It's been a transcendental process.

So I've been just dipping my toe in this past year...testing the waters, and letting the layers of protection...the layers of my cocoon, peel away. I've been socialising alot more and my heart and mind have been open to people's attempts to reach out. It has been humbling and gratifying to have the confidence and joy to be able to grasp the hand that reaches out, even if for a moment.

My routine of late has started to resemble a dog's breakfast. In all honesty, I know that the remainder of the year will be unpredictable, as it's been a year of immense change, with more to come. However, I am reminding myself of my priorities...my health and fitness, my family, esp. Philomena, my new committment to the Army, my recently new role as a mentor for IBO and what I feel is my obligation to help others on the IBO journey.

But most importantly, I need to remind myself of the need to keep my life balanced, and that regardless of the changes, I need to leave ample time to ensure that life is just as it should be...simple, uncomplicated and stress-free.

Tuesday, July 7

Hot Files...maybe it's time to start

Inspired by Frankie, I've always thought about starting a HOT FILES of my own, but I seem to end up posting FIT CHICKS instead. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not batting for the other side, I just tend to post more of the chicks for my own inspiration.

But after this morning's Crossfit post pic, I thought maybe it's about time I started my own 'Hot Files', but I'll have to call it something else (since Frankie's hot files rocks). Though 'HOT' is the only way to describe men who are generally buff and bronzed, whom you would just love to run your hands over. A bit of hand sculpting (even if it's in your head) never hurt anyone.

Hmmm...another reason I'm looking forward to training at Crossfit! ;-)

Saturday, July 4

Coffee with Kristin

I know, I know...how many photos do we need of Kristin and I? Well, we just couldn't get it right. My attempts were pathetic. You can tell which ones I took - they are the ones where I've cut myself out partially. At least with Kristin's attempts she got us both in the shots. And then we weren't happy with different ones....Kerry: "I looked like a stunned mullet"; Kristin: "I look so pale next to you". So we decided I'd just post all of them.

Well it was great to catch up with the lovely Kristin! If you don't already know, Kristin is the Programs Co-ordinator for Ideal Bodies Online, and not only has she written my kick-ass programs, but I'm very fortunate to have her as my feedback coach (don't worry she gives me a bit of a slap around the head if I need it - in a nice kind of way of course). It was nice just to be able to talk in person, rather than just by email. The last time I saw her face-to-face was in October last year at the INBA titles in Southport. We've both changed, and I noticed how much leaner Kristin is compared to then. She's looking great and on target for the INBA body building comp in September. Though I'm a bit disappointed, because it looks as though I'm going to miss it, as I'll probably be in Kapooka during the comp.

And how much energy and enthusiasm does Kristin have? Loads! I can't get over how much she accomplishes in a day and I don't envy her current training workload (and her early morning bike rides to the gym...brrrrrr)! I get tired just reading and hearing about her workouts! I remarked at how everything seems to be falling into place...the move from Cairns; finding a great place to train and a great PT; her upcoming body building comp and progress; and it looks as though Kristin (still not 100% confirmed) has landed the job at Jupiters Casino. So I wish Kristin (and Eric) well because she deserves it! She works so hard and genuinely trys to help everyone whom she possibly can - a real sweetie!

So that's about it for now. I enjoyed my Chai Lattes (x 2), and for the record (coach), Kristin did not succumb to any of the wicked treats on display at the Coffee Club (and neither did I)!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Lying Low and Holding the Vision

"We grow great by our dreams.
All big men are dreamers.
They see things in the soft haze
of a spring day or in the red
fire of a long winter's evening.
Some of us let our dreams die,
but others nourish and protect
them, nurse them through bad
days till they bring them to
sunshine and light."
- Woodrow Wilson

This is one of my favourite quotes by Woodrow Wilson. I've posted it before, but it has alot of meaning for me. I've been lying low for a little while - in the physical sense that is. I last trained on Tuesday, after one week's break, and by Wednesday I'd crashed. Obviously, I wasn't ready to return to training. This lurgy has definitely stopped me in my tracks. I'm on the tail end of it though. I've just got that annoying phlegm thing happening, where you have to constantly clear your throat, and occasionally coughing it up. And my energy levels still haven't come up to par. So fingers crossed, I'll be able to return to the gym on Monday, fully recovered and rested!

Over the past two weeks I've trained all of two days. Now, the most socially accepted response to this would be to cry in my milk, worry myself sick because I can't train, and dread that I'm going to put on all that weight I've kept off for the last six months (in two weeks), and declare myself a basket case!

But...I try not to go with the socially accepted flow. I realised my body was sending me a message, and that I should take heed and do as 'Munchie' would do...

"Take care of yourself. Once Munchie had his tail run over by a car he was chasing. To facilitate his healing process, he found himself a quiet spot under a bush, and simply rested. Whenever I passed his little nook, there was the Munchster, quietly resting with his chin on his paws, just allowing nature to take care of him. After a few days he was back in action, barking, peeing upon my arrival, and hoping the German Shepherd would kneel just a little more. I thought about what some of us humans might do if we were injured. We might just keep chasing cars; work harder; or blame someone and spend time complaining. But Munchie let all of that go in favor of his natural wisdom. He loved himself enough to rest when he needed it. "

It's quite liberating to do what I need to do and feel no pains of regret, remorse, or guilt for doing what I know needs to be done in order to heal and become strong again. And because I've been down this track of being unwell or unable to do things I want to do, I know that it is only temporary, so I hold that vision in my head. It's that vision of being able to train hard, push my body (intelligently) and feel enlivened, refreshed, and energetic. It's that vision of not only feeling good, but looking good, and knowing that I will get stronger, faster, better. That's the vision I held for all those years while being physically debilitated, and not knowing how and when it was going to happen. So I figured that if I could hold onto that vision for all those years, then two weeks is a drop in the ocean compared to that. The difference this time around is that I know it won't take me 6-12months to return to any semblance of fitness - it'll take me weeks. How liberating is that?

So for those of you who experience temporary setbacks, just keep holding onto that vision of what you will become - because it's that vision that, as Woodrow Wilson says you 'nourish and protect', that will bring it and you to 'sunshine and light'.

Have a great day people's! :)

P.S. I also managed to maintain by ideal weight (actually I lost weight without eating any less or decreasing my carb intake) over the two weeks, so I am happy to report I am back to a comfortable weight of 58.1kg (not that the number is an important thing in the big scheme of things).

Wednesday, July 1

2009 Goals Re-Visited

Here are the 2009 GOALS I listed at the start of the year:

a) Enlist in the Army Reserves (PT) and attend initial base training in Kapooka, VIC for July 2009 intake. Check. Basic Training at this stage will be September 2009.

b) Reach 10% BF and maintain around 12%, regardless of weight (in expectation of muscle mass increase over time). Cross. Eh-hem....Maybe a bit too ambitious? I'm currently around 15-16% BF. So will revise and aim to reach 12%-13% by end of the year.

c) Develop superior core (including lower back)/ab, upper body and hip/glute strength, utilising both weights and bodyweight resistance exercises. Check. Going well...though I wouldn't call it 'superior' just yet. Getting stronger all the time though. Will need to put down some 'specifics' here...numbers, weights, types of exercises I think. Like pull-ups, weights, etc. Though may not really know what to aim for until I begin at Crossfit.

d) Increase dynamic/explosive strength in legs, utilising both weights and bodyweight resistance exercises. Check. I'm quite surprised at how responsive my legs have been and how much stronger they are, especially since doing HIIT and circuit training, incorporating more explosive-type movements.

e) Incorporate 1/2 hour of Qi-Gong exercises into daily routine to balance internal and external (muscular) systems of the body, and to relieve tension. Big Cross...I just haven't been able to fit this in. ATM, my stretches and physio exercises to address my muscular imbalances and specific muscular strength are a higher priority.

f) Increase recovery periods, with sufficient sleep by aiming to be in bed by 9:30-10pm each night. Tick...mostly. I've been getting to bed alot earlier, except for Tuesday nights as I don't finish work until 10pm. But on the whole, I've been getting more sleep, and it's making a difference to my recovery.

g) Maintain a healthy, adequate nutrition program to support and sustain my exercise regime, as well as being able to successfully fulfil the other roles I play. Tick. I'm surprised how long I've maintained my exercise and nutrition, though I shouldn't be surprised. It's much easier while on program. The real test will come when I finish my 4th and last Ideal Bodies Online program. Though I am armed with enough information and experience that I'm confident I can maintain.

h) Return to Wing Chun training in the 2nd half of 2009. This goal hasn't as yet been realised, but at this stage it will be around August - October. I will also start my own training to maintain the skills I have in shaolin kung fu, and general martial arts skills, i.e. kicking, punching, footwork, weaponry, hand/elbow conditioning,etc. Though this year, I probably won't be able to achieve alot. Just starting in martial arts training will be exciting for me. I'm more patient with myself now.

i) Utilise/incorporate more 'General Physical Preparedness' (GPP) programs to improve my fitness levels. Objective..."optimise physical competence in:
* Cardio-vascular & Respiratory endurance * Stamina * Strength * Flexibility * Power * Speed * Co-ordination *Agility *Balance *Accuracy" . Another goal yet to be realised fully, however, the most recent programs I've done have given me a good, strong base on which to build. This I hope to achieve when I start at Crossfit, which will be between August - October. No serious training until October.

So after that post-mortem, I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself! Actually...I really want to say this...I'm loving myself sick right now! (my fav Judy idiom ATM). Oh! And thanks to LizN for reminding me about reviewing my goals, hence, giving me the material for my post today!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)


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