Monday, January 26

History, Circus School & Unarmed Combat

Life just gets better doesn't it! It really is an exciting world out there, and what I love about it, is there are soooo many things that we can do and there is just no end to the things we can learn and master, if we but put our minds to it. Life is a never-ending journey of experiences and we can either choose to do nothing and remain where we are, or choose to embrace it, to its' fullest.

So what does history, circus school and unarmed combat have to do with anything?

It's just what I've been reading about over the weekend. I've been at the library and surfing the net for information, and have had my head buried in books on this memorable 'Australia Day' weekend. Which leads me to the 'history' part...

It's quite fitting actually, and I've posted a photo of an Australian Clipper ship (built in the modern era). I've been reading about Australian history - mainly Australian Military History. I've never really been a history buff to be quite honest, but I've found as I've gotten older, that world events, politics and where we have come from have really started to interest me. Mainly because I think that I have come to realise how our own lives are inextricably linked to history, not just our own (Australian), but world history. And who we are today, is a result of those who have gone before us. So reading about Australian history prior to our Federation in 1901 and beyond, and how the military (firstly British and then Australian) have played a huge part in the formation of our states and cities today, is quite fascinating and humbling, to say the least. How fortunate we truly are.

Though, it is sad to read about the colonisation through the deaths of aboriginal people, at the hands of both the military and civilians/settlers. However, when I think about the history of world over, I have come to the conclusion that warfare and those races and nations who are stronger, smarter and more well equipped to handle change were often the victors. It is a sad, but true indictment of our humanity.

On a more cheerful note, let's discuss Circus School. I was actually looking into gymnastics and gymnastic schools, because part of my fitness preparation for the Army Reserves is to increase my upper body strength (Kristin will still be writing my training programs, but I'm just looking at other methods apart from standard weights/resistance and cardio). Alot of the skills and requirements to get through basic training and to carry out your normal duties, involve alot of upper body and core strength, as well as activities requiring balance and agility. Alot of the energy required is of both aerobic and anaerobic nature, testing your skills of endurance.

So anyway...I've been thinking of doing some gymnastics training, but didn't know how I could access specific equipment like ropes, beams and bars, and also to be able to have someone who knew how to teach correct form and technique. The only problem is - most gymnastics classes have set routines, and I wanted something where I could learn some basics, and then be able to draw on their expertise to devise my own program to get me to where I needed to be within a particular time-frame (as far as strength is concerned).

I have a friend who is a P.E. teacher and has done gymnastics himself, so I thought I'd ask him for suggestions. And he came up with circus school. I would never have thought of that in a million years! Anyway...have checked out a circus school here in Brisbane, and I've found a program for beginners. It's actually a 'conditioning' program and consists of a 1 hour full body workout where you can build your muscles through conditioning. The conditioning program consists of 8 lessons, so I thought that would be a great addition to my IBO program. I can't wait to enrol and try it out! I think gymnasts are some of the strongest athletes out there, and what I love about this type of training is the flexibility required, as I'm also hoping to improve my flexibility, of which I've lost a little over the last few years or so. I think down the track I'd like to take it a bit further and learn other skills like flips and somersaults. Now that would be cool!

Which leads me really...Unarmed Combat.

What I'm really excited about, is that in the army I get to learn more skills to enhance my martial arts skills. I've only trained with martial arts' weapons, like the bo, staff, nanchakus, fighting sticks, but never with a gun or a knife, though I've had training on how to handle a knife (which is scary stuff).

However, knives and guns are things I'm not really confident in handling, especially in a 'real world' situation, and that's something I've always wanted to learn (part of being a good martial artist is learning how to avoid putting yourself in dangerous places and situations, which I'm quite skilled at). I's armed, but you still have to learn how to deal with someone who has a weapon when you don't!

The other thing I've done a little bit of is grappling/wrestling in my earlier martial arts days, and I hope to do more of that. Most combat/real life fighting will take place within a small radius, and close-in, and that's what I really want to focus on. Don't get me wrong, I love the artistic nature, health benefits, and athleticism of's just that unarmed combat will round out my skills and give me all-round confidence. And returning to Wing Chun training will definitely help in this area. It's a superb fighting system, utilised in close-quarters, devised by a female, whose ingenuity lies in the ability to re-direct force and energy of your opponent, and use that to off-balance him/her. It also relies on sensitivity (of the limbs) to 'feel' your opponents movements, and correct foot and stance placement to maintain stability while delivering correct and powerful technique.

It's all so fascinating (I think so anyway), and the best thing is...there is no end to the learning! now to do some more reading.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Saturday, January 24

Where to from Here?

Well I hopped on the scales this morning, to see how much weight I'd put on since depletion. I had hit my goal weight of 58kg prior to starting (depletion) and was 54.75kg upon completion.

I had my free meal after depletion, and have to admit, some little snacks here and there over the following couple of days...nothing major...steak fried in the pan the night of photo shoot and the next night for dinner (was sick of chicken)... a couple extra fat serves...oh...and a few glasses of wine over the week...didn't go berserko or anything. Sat on my dairy-air for over a was nice.

So anyway, here's me thinking I've definitely put it all on again...and the verdict?...56.45kg!

Maybe it will take a little longer to put it back on? Anyone out there know a bit about post-depletion and what happens to your body and weight afterward? If you could give me the low-down, that would be great!

Ciao for now...and have a great Australia Day weekend!

Kerry :)

P.S. I'm booked in for my first step in the application process for Australian Defence Force...20th I come!

Thursday, January 22

No Ordinary Moments

I just realised on reviewing this post, that the first photograph reminds me of Japan. I remember staying at a traditional Ryokan (Japanese style inn), not far from a lake very similar to the one pictured above. It was so long ago now, I can't remember where it was, but I do remember how breathtakingly beautiful this place was. There was lots of mist and fog, even during the day, and I remember the running water and burbling brooks running beside the inn and meandering around the hills and little thatched homes. I also remember how green it was, and the beautiful blue and pink hydrangeas perched beside the little homes. It was so tranquil.

The second picture is of the front cover of Dan Millman's book, 'No Ordinary Moments - A Peaceful Warrior's Guide to Daily Life', which is where I got the new name for my blog. I have this book in my collection, and it's been many years since I've read it. I have a couple Dan's other books too. 'No Ordinary Moments' is "based on the premise that by changing ourselves we can change our world" and "presents simple yet powerful ways to balance the body, liberate the mind, accept our emotions, and open our hearts." His first book, which is fictional, but interwines his real life name and roles, 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior', was the starting point, and to quote...

"Way of the Peaceful Warrior is based on a story of Dan Millman, a world champion athlete who journeys into realms of flesh and spirit, romance and terror, light and darkness, laughter and magic. Guided by a powerful old warrior named Socrates, tempted by an elusive, playful woman named Joy, Dan is led toward a final confrontation which will deliver or destroy him. Join Dan as he learns what it means to die - and live -like a warrior."

The book sounds a little 'out there', but in fact it's not as airy-fairy as it may sound. His sequel, 'Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior' takes place... "four years after training with the old warrior he calls Socrates - in spite of all he has learned - Dan Millman confronts personal failure and growing frustrations. Disullusioned with this life, unable to bridge the gap between knowing and doing, Dan sets out on a worldwide quest to rediscover his sense of purpose and source of inspiration."

Does that last bit sound familiar? Well it does to me, and what I like about 'Sacred Journey...', is that it seems relevant to a period in my life, where I've just emerged from. That gap between knowing and doing has been hanging over my head for some time. Trying to lose weight...trying to find my way back to a place where I felt confident again...striving for something materially - outside of myself, when all the time I should have been looking inward, not just metaphorically, but literally.

Where are you on your journey? How close are you to re-discovering your sense of purpose and source of inspiration - have you found it yet? Only you know, if you've bridged that gap between knowing and doing.

I can tell you from recently emerging from that gap, that it's quite a profound period and once you bridge it, those feelings which you haven't experienced for some time, once again start to permeate your whole being. Feelings of euphoria, blissfulness, pride, excitement and nervousness about the possibilities, happiness, clarity...power in the sense of self-control and restraint. You seem almost bullet-proof!

However, I need to remind myself to temper those feelings. It seems that the Yang of my youth, has finally emerged after many years of hibernation, but I must remember the Ying of my experience, to ensure peacefulness and tranquility... to temper the fire within and periodically restore harmony to my life.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Wednesday, January 21

Hillel The Elder

"If I am not for myself,
Who will be for me?
And when I am for myself,
What am I?
And if not now, when?
- Hillel

Tuesday, January 20

New Look Blog

Hi All

I'm just experimenting with this new look blog. The photo is there until I get my real ones. I had to change the width of the photo, because the previous template came through if I tried to keep the correct ratio...hence...shoulders appear wider than what they really are!

Thanks Essie for the idea...I really love the look of your blog, and when you posted this pic on it, I thought how great it would look on a black background. Though I still prefer black fonts on white backgrounds for myself personally.

I think I'll update my side photo as well. I'm thinking about changing my title too and making it more interesting. Like Essie's title..."Shrinking in the Rain"...I love it, though I have no idea what it means. I'd love to know Essie if you read this. It has me intrigued, as I still can't work it out. Maybe something to do with how clothes can shrink when they get wet - maybe a metaphor for how you (Essie) can shrink too?? Don't know, but you have me baffled.

Okay...I might still be doing a bit of experimenting until I'm completely happy with the look and the change, so bear with me!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Monday, January 19

Goals & Aspirations - 2009

The following are my health and fitness goals for the year. I want to look back on these in 6 months time and re-evaluate, and then come back in 12 months, and see how much I've accomplished. It's going to be a great year...I can feel it!

Now, I've organised (all) my goals and thought about them in relation to the ROLES I play, as I find this more practical for me. It also makes it easier for me to define what's more important to me so I don't make the mistake of taking on too much (I can do that, and end up jetisoning something along the way to lighten my load).

Anyway...the roles I play are....

INDIVIDUAL: Health & Fitness; Other Interest & Hobbies...

FAMILY: Mother; Home; Financial...

COMMUNITY: Body Corp Committees

I will only write my Health and Fitness goals, as the rest is most probably of little interest to you, and the entire list is quite lengthy. So to save you the boredom, here's my health and fitness goals.


1. Overall for the Year...

a) Utilise/incorporate more 'General Physical Preparedness' (GPP) programs to improve my fitness levels:

Summary...Emphasis on anaerobic activity, specifically improving the proficiency of the glycolytic pathway (which fuels activities that last between 10sec & 3 min).

Objective..."optimise physical competence in:

i) Cardio-vascular & Respiratory endurance ii)Stamina iii) Strength iv) Flexibility v) Power vi) Speed vii) Co-ordination viii) Agility ix) Balance x) Accuracy" (CrossFit - Forging Elite Fitness, Foundations)

b) "To perform successfully at multiple, diverse and randomised physical challenges" (The Things Worth Believing In, T.Gace, 'Combat Fitness Basics', 18/1/09)

c) Return to Wing Chun training in the 2nd half of 2009

2. Specifically for the year...

a) Enlist in the Army Reserves (PT) and attend initial base training in Kapooka, VIC for July 2009 intake.

b) Reach 10% BF and maintain around 12%, regardless of weight (in expectation of muscle mass increase over time)

c) Develop superior core (including lower back)/ab, upper body and hip/glute strength, utilising both weights and bodyweight resistance exercises.

d) Increase dynamic/explosive strength in legs, utilising both weights and bodyweight resistance exercises.

e) Incorporate 1/2 hour of Qi-Gong exercises into daily routine to balance internal and external (muscular) systems of the body, and to relieve tension.

f) Increase recovery periods, with sufficient sleep by aiming to be in bed by 9:30-10pm each night.

g) Maintain a healthy, adequate nutrition program to support and sustain my exercise regime, as well as being able to successfully fulfil the other roles I play.

Okay...time to come down from the clouds and start putting my goals into ACTION!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Sunday, January 18

Sneak Peek...Professional Photos

Ever since seeing a sneak preview of my shots from Friday, I've had my head in the clouds! This particular picture is my favourite (and it was the photographers' too). I'm actually holding a pair of Sai (Japanese pronged weapons), but you can't see them in the B&W photo.

At present, on the outside I appear cool, calm and collected, but on the inside I'm jumping for joy and all churned up inside. I thought they (the photos) may be good, going on Ainslie's photo gallery on her site, and I was rather excited at the possibilities - but I didn't imagine them to turn out this good! I've been absolutely flawed by how brilliant Ainslie's photos are!! If you live in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, I would definitely recommend her as a photographer. She made me feel so at ease and relaxed, and knew exactly what I was looking for!

I've already posted them on the IBO forum, and as I have been saying...I'm absolutely gobsmacked! So here's the other sneak peek photos. Will get the rest to look at and choose from in about a week's time. Just click on this link to Ainslie's site/blog to view the rest of the sneak peeks...

And you know...the funny thing is...doing Depletion, now seems a million miles away, as does all the work I've put in, in the last 6 months. Isn't it amazing how quickly you forget doing the tough stuff? Just doing one positive, uplifting thing can wipe out all those 'tough stuff' memories and have a lingering, mesmeric effect that will no doubt last me until...I don't know when.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Saturday, January 17


The following is an excerpt from my Sifu's book, 'Wing Chun - Theory & Composition', by Sifu Ian Protheroe. I love this excerpt (actually it's one page), because it not only describes the life-long journey when training in martial arts, but is relevant to all worthwhile pursuits. Enjoy!

"Learning Kung Fu can be an exciting and yet daunting path. Often along this path you will meet obstacles and distractions which may effect your journey :- do not despair, persevere. Studying Wing Chun can be likened to climbing a tall tree. From the ground you are confronted with a huge trunk, as you look up all you see is the overhanging, impenetrable canopy. As you begin your climb up the trunk you should stop every few meters to have a look at the beautiful scenery which surrounds you. At each higher level a different vista appears, with a greater view into the distance.

Soon you reach the canopy, once within, the distant scenery is obstructed by branches and dense foliage. Do not discard this part of your climb to the top! Stop, look closer at that which surrounds you and you will see in greater detail the make up of the tree. Large and small branches, leaves, right down to the smallest new shoots and buds. A tree has great depth.

As you continue your climb, the density of the canopy starts to diminish and a view of the outside scenery once again presents itself, don't focus only on the scenery! Again stop, look, listen and feel - the view of near and far is here. As well as the tree there are other things around you, birds, the wind - all make up the new, the feel, the oneness of the world you have found yourself in. Stop - appreciate.

On reaching the top of the tree a wonderful view surrounds you - you think you can see everything from your lofty perch. Look back down, can you see inside the canopy now? Can you see the base of the trunk? Can you see the ground?

No - the ground is obscured by the canopy - and most of the tree's roots are buried far below the surface, can you see them?

Some people think their goal is to climb the tree as fast as possible, so they will miss all the glory of the slower path.

Climb slowly, stop, look, listen, enjoy - the path to the top is only the beginning - climb back to earth slowly, get to the ground, dig and feel, only then will you understand the tree."

Friday, January 16

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day - Depletion - Day 8

(Click on images to enlarge)
Photos 1, 2 & 3: Front, back & side - Start Program 1 - Finish Program 1 - Finish Program 2
Image 4: Stats - Program 2 - weight & BF%

For me...the perfect ending was...a mouth-watering, tender, juicy steak served with a fresh garden salad lavished in balsemic vinegar and flax oil dressing....and finished off with a refreshing glass of wine!

One good thing about depletion is that the taste of everything (except chicken) after the fact, is heightened to such a degree, it's almost orgasmic!

I was so emotional this morning driving to my photo shoot (as I have said a couple of times now in other posts) thinking about where I started six months ago and how I felt back then...frumpy, unfit, lacking confidence...a ghost of the person I was 8 years ago, and wanting back so badly, the person I was. Even I can't believe the transformation, not just on the outside, but on the inside and how that transformation has touched so many other areas of my life and given me renewed vigour, hope and excitement in my life. And I'm so pumped about what this year holds for me, and also my family!

This morning I was riding on adrenalin, and was so pumped, I'm still on a high! The photo shoot was an absolute blast and I had a ball! It helps when you have a great photographer who knows what you want and is relaxed and professional. I hope the photos are as good as I think they are...I can't wait for result!

I have to admit, after little food (except and very little water, the poses were hard to maintain and very taxing. But since I was on such a high, it didn't matter and it all came together wonderfully.

Lunch was great...some quality time just with Anthony...just the two of us. I didn't go overboard, and savoured every mouthful! It was like I'd never tasted food. Then it was off home to relax in front of the cricket on our recliners, and wait for Philomena to arrive (in-between stints on the PC of course).

So for any of you comtemplating depletion and professional photos, I would recommend both. Just the experience and to say that you did it is worth it, for all the hard work you put in (hopefully I won't have to eat my words if I'm disappointed in my pics). After may just be your last opportunity.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Twilight Hours - Depletion - Day 8

It's 3:30am...I can't sleep!

Woke at 2:30am...gas...thirsty...need to go toilet. Couldn't go to back to sleep. Really annoys the hell out of me! The night my little girl is not here, and I can't even enjoy a full night's sleep.

I just finished watching the end of a movie. Still not tired (and I'm hungry). Have to start the day at 5am. What will I do to pass the time?....ho hum...not long to go now....Damn...these photos better be bloody good!...miss my little girl...we've only ever had 2 nights apart...okay, gotta go and find something to do...bye...

Thursday, January 15

Thirsty Thursday - Depletion - Day 7

Damn...I'd love a hewwwwge glass of water right now! I didn't know how thirsty you could be on just 1 litre of water to last 24 hours. This is definitely the toughest day so far.

Here I was, thinking I was going great guns, and wondering....'What the hell is everybody talking about the feeling like crap, and having no energy?". And even reading Raechelle's comments only early this morning about feeling drained at about this time before her comps...well, it just went over my head. Well not long after, the penny dropped. I feel like I'm made of skeleton or bones to hold everything together, and all my limbs are feeling heavy, and lifeless. But the worst is the thirst! My tongue feels like I've stuck it Clag glue...yuk.

Oh! And here's some more tips for those thinking about depletion:

1. The recommended 'complete Rest', is vitally important...even if you think you're going fine, you'll be shagged the day before!

2. Try to do depletion in winter when it's not so hot.

3. Try not to do anything physical the day before photos, and stay out of the sun...doing both increases your thirst.

4. Eat your chicken while doing something helps to stop you thinking about how disgusting cardboard really tastes, and you've eaten it before you know it!

5. Sleep as much as you helps fill the time, and you don't notice how thirsty you are when you're asleep!

Okay...time to put all my gear together and do my first check list. I only have one more meal of cardboard and then a refreshing glass of wine before bed (just the thought of it is making me delirious). I need to be up at 5am...make-up at at shoot...9am.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Wednesday, January 14

The Hungry Caterpillar - Depletion - Day 6

Today I've been hungry.

I don't know if that is normal, but that's just the way it is. I'm about to tuck into meal 5 for the day, and hopefully not wake hungry like I did this morning.

I was feeling okay until about 2pm, and I hit a wall. I had to go shopping for last minute things for my photo shoot, and was dragging my butt around, thinking I just wanted to go home. When I did get home, I crashed on the recliner, until my husband (rudely) yelled out my name and woke me. Wanted me to pass him the pruner-thingy (my mind is tired too) to cut some branches while he was on the roof cleaning the gutter (he really is a dear).

I headed back to the recliner, but had to pull myself out to get my next meal, bath Philomena and get myself ready to go for my final BF measurement before Friday. I can't get it done tomorrow night, as my usual gym PT doesn't work on Thursday nights, so it had to be today.

I may be tired...but I'm stoked! Why you ask?....My BF% is down to 11.6%! Woohoo!

I honestly didn't think depletion at this stage was going to show for much, but I was mistaken. So I leave you now to have my last meal of the day...down some more water to reach my 6 litres...relax and watch a movie, and psych myself up for tomorrow...protein/carbs in morning, and protein the rest of the day, and only 1 litre of water! I'll try and rest tomorrow, as Philomena is going to my aunts' place for a sleepover...hhhhhhhh...

Ciao...Kerry :)

Tuesday, January 13

Ho Hum - Depletion - Day 5

I was trying to find a photo to show the way I felt today. wasn't quite like this, but I couldn't resist this pic and captions...he...he...he...

Not a whole lot to report actually. Getting a little bit jittery since I'm not it (Friday) here yet?

I have been checking out the before and after pics on IBO's site though, for recent additions. If you haven't checked them out lately, then you must. Wow...some fantastic recent transformations. Michelle P is knockout! Definitely model material...she is hot!

Okay...I should be in bed getting my beauty sleep. Lord knows I need it!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Monday, January 12

Goodbye Vegetables - Depletion - Day 4

Yes...sadly, I not long ago had my last plate of vegetables until Friday after photos. :(

The thought of carbs tomorrow has me excited, though, now I won't have anything to wash down my chicken. I might have wash it down with water, me thinks. I don't mind flax oil with my chicken either. I'm also on a winner with the peanut butter and chicken. You know things are desperate when you lick the spoon ever so slooowwly, to make sure you get every bit of that 1 tbsp of peanut butter!

At least the sweet potatoe will give me some relief, as I made sure I got the 'gold' variety, which is a little sweeter (should my feedback coach be knowing this? Well the type of sweet potatoe isn't emphasized, so I should be okay).

So I'm not trying to think of the next 3 days. In fact, I'm really looking forward to Thursday night and my one glass of wine before bed. I don't normally drink (alcohol), but in this instance I'm making an exception! Already know which has to be sweet...'Brown Brothers' Moscato...goes down quite well I must say.

Okay...enough about the food already!

Tonight was my last gym session, and killer workout. Shoulder/biceps/triceps/abs. I went surprisingly well (I think having an afternoon snooze, helped), but I'm already feeling the fatigue after-effects. Though I couldn't complete sets on my 4th exercise on the biceps - just had nothing!

Anyway...that's all there is to report. Energy levels are surprisingly okay so far. Still need to work out what poses I want for my photo shoot....hmmmm...too much to choose from.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Sunday, January 11

The Art of Subterfuge - Depletion - Day 3

Subterfuge: That to which one resorts for escape or concealment; an artifice employed to escape censure or the force of an argument, or to justify opinions or conduct; a shift; an evasion.

I've come to the realisation that depletion is really an art form.

On the whole it seems simple enough. And everybody says "it's only 1 week!". To me, it's 8 days (if you include the morning of photo shoot), and that can seem like weeks!

It's nearly the end of Day 3, and so far I've started to employ some little things to trick my taste buds. One of those tricks is to use every bit of information you can glean from the IBO library, the IBO forum, and your feedback coach to formulate a meal-by-meal survival plan. And to survive depletion, you have to plan ahead, but think only about the day ahead, and then you only think about the next meal. So instead of thinking about what I can't have, I've started to think more about what I can have to eat.

So, one of the things I've discovered is that chicken tastes like cardboard without salt, or anything added. It's also very dry and is difficult to eat by itself. Things that I have worked for me so far are:

1. Use pepper, garlic, chives (herbs) to change the taste of chicken or fish.
2. Eat your protein with a mouthful of vegetables to make it easier to chew and swallow.
3. Grill it (chicken), but make sure you don't overcook it, otherwise it's way too dry and chewy.
4. Use different vegetables like broccolini, cabbage, beans, bok choi, wombuk, mushrooms, dried mushrooms, snow peas, and brussel sprouts (yes...I have to admit...I love them!) if you're having a straight vege dish.
5. Use salad vegetables for a couple of your vege meals, instead of your 'standard' vegetables, to give your taste buds a change. And use salad veges like snow peas, capsicum, red onion, carrot (only a little) which have different and interesting flavours.
6. Use your fat allowances to further enhance (or hide altogether) the flavour of your meals...peanut butter with chicken or veges; sprinkle your almonds in with your salad; flax oil on a salad is nice (if you like flax oil that is). Don't forget, you can have other 'nut' spreads, not just natural peanut butter.
7. You can have protein powder (hope I'm allowed to say that...maybe check with your feedback coach first) in the first 3 days.

And in discovering all that, today I didn't feel like heaving my breakfast (just a couple of gags), and my next meal didn't seem so insurmountable. In fact, I was rather looking forward to the next meal to see how creative I could be!

Training went well, though I woke up this morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I managed to drag myself out of bed, and after breakfast toddled off to the gym. At first, all I could think about was how tired and sore I was. But once I got into it, like thinking about the food, I just took it one body part, and one exercise at a time. This morning I did chest/back/abs, and by the end of it I was pretty knackered. My abs were still hurting from yesterday, so I know I do have them.

Your head is definitely in a different space, as I was rather focused and tried not to make eye contact. Firstly, because I really wasn't in any mood to talk to anyone, and secondly, there's not alot of time between sets to talk anyway. I just wanted to get through it and get out.

So tomorrow is my last workout day, and the longest...shoulders/biceps/triceps/abs. But it's only one more day, and then I can just concentrate on the food, relaxing and getting last minute things organised for Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will really test my resolve...NO VEGES, however I'm looking forward to the introduction of carbs!

Thank goodness for fat allowances....that's all I can say!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Saturday, January 10

Pre-Depletion Results

(click to enlarge)

So here's my results so far (above).

Since the start of the second program I have lost a total of 18.5cm and 4.4kg. My total weight loss since starting Program 1 is altogether, 13.6kg. I am sitting on 13.8% body fat, so I am happy with that prior to depletion.

Ciao...Kerry :)

Depletion - Day 2 wasn't pumpkin, but the expression on this one's face says it all!

That's basically how I felt eating chicken and vegetables this morning for breakfast. Didn't actually have a heave, but gagged quite a few times.

Chicken is so dry all by itself. Even the vegetables were a relief, as at least they had some liquid in them, so I had to eat them together just to help with the chewing and get it down my throat. However, chicken after that (breakfast) didn't have the same gagging effect, and I had salad vegetables for lunch with some flax oil, so it was much more appetising. So I'm trying work out some creative ways of having my fat allowances with my chicken and veges. How does this sound?...vegetables with natural peanut butter...chicken smeared with peanut butter...hmmm...I think that one is a winner - a bit like satay!

Today being such a busy day with wedding duties (I was running around like a mad chook in the kitchen), luckily I pre-prepared all my food, and took with me a 5L cask of water. So happily I downed enough water to keep me going (in-between running around like a mad chook). So glad it's over (the wedding). Drama, drama with the brother-in-laws' in-laws. Bride's mother is such a cow! Now listen to this...the parents of the bride didn't attend the reception. They had their own reception somewhere else without the bride and groom!!! Have you ever heard of anything like it?

Okay...back to depletion. Was at the gym at 7am (earliest they open on Saturday) and did shoulders/biceps/triceps/abs. What a killer workout! Depletion was the aim, and depletion it was. Luckily, I was so busy today I didn't have time to think about how trashed I felt. So after my posts, it's off to bed for a snooze...Philomena's already asleep - knackered, poor girl. Luckily she was fussed over at the wedding and also formed part of the entertainment.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Friday, January 9

Depletion - Day 1

Today was all about water. And lots of it. I cleared the shelves at Coles yesterday of 'Nobles' 10L casks, and a couple of 5L ones as well.

As I write this, I still have one more litre to drink before I hit the sack. My allocation is 6 litres up until Thursday, when I have to cut back to 1 litre.

Well...there's a couple of so-so results to report. Hopped on the scales and I've come back up to 58kg, which I should be happy about, considering I've reached my goal weight for this program. However, being 57.2kg last week, I was secretly hoping to get under 57kg. Oh well! Can't complain really. I've had a pretty good ride along the way.

The other so-so result is my Body Fat %. Five weeks ago I was 14.1%, and today I came out at 13.8% (skin calipers). I know...I's still a loss, but again I thought it may be a little less, because I know I've lost fat off my tummy, hips and thighs. My measurements at the gym show a decrease as well in these areas in relation to BF, so should be happy shouldn't I? In the big scheme of things, my body is more toned when comparing my photos from week 6 and now. Again, mainly noticeable in the tummy, hips and thighs. I have gained size in my quads and calves though. Overall...I think I may surprise myself come Friday morning, and am looking forward to my photos.

I forgot to take my measurements this morning! I did get them at the gym, as I always do, but I only use the home measurements for my IBO program, so I'll just get that done tomorrow morning. Which reminds me...a busy, busy day. I have to be at the gym doorstep at 7am, right on opening time, as Anthony's brother is getting married at 11am. Anthony is best man, so we have to be there an hour early. I also have to get myself and Philomena ready (and if you know anything about getting toddlers dressed, and hair brushed, I'm sure you can understand why I may be a little stressed tomorrow morning). I also have to prepare my meals tonight for tomorrow, as tomorrow is my first day on depletion diet food. Chicken for brekky...can't wait (bluurrcchh...)!

So on that note...time to start cooking some chow, ironing, and downing that last 1 litre before it's nitey nite!

Ciao...Kerry :)

Thursday, January 8

Always Wanted to Wear This...

I'm always experimenting with the self-timer option on my camera. I keep telling the girls how vain I am, so here I am again at it today. Of course, Philomena gets in alot of practice too, as she tries to muscle in on the act!

Yes...I've always wanted to wear one of these hot little denim skirts...and now I can! :)

Though hubby has said that he'd prefer me to wear them around the house as opposed to wearing them in public...he...he...

Had my practice spray tan yesterday. Depletion starts tomorrow (water only), plus weigh-in and measurements...8 more sleeps til photos...can't wait!

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Monday, January 5

Depletion Week - Ready and Willing

(Click on images to enlarge)

Table 1: Photo Shoot General Preparation notes
Table 2: Weeks 9-12 Program incl. depletion
Table 3: Depletion week menu

Well...I am officially organised and ready to start come Friday.

With all the information there is about what to do for depletion, it all gets rather jumbled up in my head. I find it much easier to organise all the info so I can just look at it on a day-by-day basis and know what I need to do and when, so I don't miss anything or get anything confused.

Now, I've just gotta buy some more chicken, veges, water and other supplies to get me through (a bit anxious about what it's going to cost to drink 6 ltrs of Nobles/Aqua Pura water each day).

It's all good! Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Sunday, January 4

I Did it...I Did it...Yeah!

If you have young children and/or toddlers, then you'd know what the title and picture of 'Dora the Explorer' mean. You may even be singing that tune in your head right now, and doing a little jig in time with it. Well that's what I was doing this morning after weighing-in. My hubby was rather bemused, 'cause I was doing a little jig and singing that in front of him.

The last 2 weeks have seen my biggest weight gain AND my biggest weight loss! Talk about a contradiction. You may recall in my post just after the Christmas festivities where I'd put on 1.1kg in 1 week. Well this week not only did I lose the 1.1kg, I lost another 1.1kg. Go figure!

Actually, Frankie did say that I'd probably lose it, as it was probably all fluid. You were right, as usual Frankie. total loss for Week 10 of my program was 2.2kg! Rather gobsmacked, because that means I have surpassed by program goal of 58kg. Woohoo! So I am now sitting at 57.2kg as of today.

Anyway...that's all for today all you fellow bloggers. Still nutting out my 2009 goals. Haircut tomorrow, and still a few things to sort out before starting depletion on Friday. Really enjoying reading all the blogs out there in blogland, with awesome goals and inspiration.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

Friday, January 2

Countdown to Depletion

Today is one week from start of Depletion.

I only realised that today, and thought close...which means that the end of program 2 is only 2 weeks away, as well as my photos.

I've been psyching myself up for weeks now, and continually reading over the notes for preparation. I was initally freaked out by it - mostly the food and how restricted it is, especially cutting out all sodium! But, I think I've got my head around it now and have started planning it out...what I need to be eating and drinking on what days and what training and non-training I'll be doing leading up to the photo shoot.

So I'm now in the right headspace and looking forward to the challenge. More than anything I'm really keen to see what results come of it. I'm hoping to see my abs (I don't think a six-pack will be on the cards though), and I have lost a bit more fat of my tummy - that really annoying bit at the bottom! I just need to work out what poses I want for my shoot, and that's proving to be really difficult. I think I just need to stick with the K.I.S.S principle, and work with my strengths.

I will do my weigh-in, measurements and BF measurements next Friday before I begin depletion, so I know exactly where I'm starting from. to get everything, hair, make-up, spray tan (yes...that's right), outfits (which I already have), etc.

Ciao for now...Kerry :)

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