Sunday, November 29

The Not So Mysterious Case of the Jelly Belly's not a muffin-top, but this is how I feel ATM. There's definitely a spare tyre or two there though. Funny how your perception of what you look like can be slightly warped sometimes. I probably don't look fat, but I sure as hell feel like if I don't pull my finger out, my jelly belly will end up looking like a muffin top! Damned if I'm gonna let that happen!

Anyway...our holidays...short and sweet and very restful (except for bloody schoolies on Thursday night...arghh...). We got lots of beach and sun time, so Phil and I are a milk chocolate colour. I got very little exercise (compared to last year) and slept heaps (during the night only though). I didn't go crazy on the food, but I didn't deny myself my usual holiday chips (beer-battered of course), ice-cream (double scoops), scones with jam and cream, chai lattes and cake/slices.

I got in one bodyweight circuit and then spent the rest of the week in contemplation about slack am I?

Seriously though, I'm already planning my 2010 health and fitness goals, and I'm going to be doing things completely differently next year. With my Ideal Bodies Online nutrition program, I find I no longer need to think about my food, and it works for me. However, I'm going to fine-tune it next year, to see if I can take my fat loss to a new level and also to see how I can increase my energy levels and maintain, as my fitness increases. I'm going to try carb cycling next year and see how it goes (as I've been reading Judy's blog with interest). I mean...I've been reading about this for some time, and I think next year will be a great opportunity for me to get really serious about my fitness, and about getting and staying lean. Miss Muffin Top, it's Phil and starfish at Underwater World (which she loved BTW). Phil got kissed by a seal (twice) and has a new friend (stuffed animal) who suspiciously looks like a seal and whom she has named Otter (after seeing the Otter show).

Next is Miss Phil and AW frolicking at Kings Beach. She had a ball, and we spent just about every morning and afternoon at either Kings Beach or Bulcock Beach. Then it's a pic of more of my beautiful roses and gardenias. This is what was waiting for me at home to enjoy when we arrived, compliments of my wonder MIL. After that is a pic of Miss Phil with her new (Vinnie special) dress, ballet shoes (as she likes to call them), new handbag (her very first one) and wearing her grandmother's pink hat. Oh, she's just growing too fast!

Lastly is a pic of myself and Nicole (photo by Miss Phil) at Sister Cafe in Palmwood. We had a great chat on Monday, and we could have chatted for hours. Nicole has some very inspiring goals for next year, and I'm really excited about where her year is heading next year, and can't wait to follow it! She looks FANTASTIC!, and as I said to her, her photos on her blog and FB were not doing her any favours, so I was happy to see her updated pics and as you can see in this photo she looks half the person she used to be - an amazing transformation and a completely different person from the one I imagined, and gleaned from her photos on the net.

Well that's it. Sorry I didn't get much of a chance to check everyone's blogs. I hope you all had a great week. It's only about 4 weeks until Christmas, and even though I'm looking forward to it, I'm more looking forward to getting moving again and starting on my new goals for 2010...The Year of the Sexy Bitch!

Monday, November 23

Are We There Yet?

Hopefully, this will be Phil on the way up the coast (sleeping soundly).

It's not a long drive up the Sunshine Coast, and Philomena is getting better all the time travelling in the car. She loves to talk...and talk....and talk. And luckily, she likes to sleep. Just like I tend to do. It must the a combination of that warm, snug, cocoon feeling and the hum of the car travelling along, but I always fall asleep (as the passenger of course).

Anyway...I've been up since 2am this morning, and thought I'd finally catch up on a few blogs, since I couldn't sleep. There's a bird nesting in the huge tree out front, and it starts 'cawing' from about 2am, and has been for about the last 4-5 mornings (apparently). It doesn't usually bother me, though poor Anthony hasn't been getting much sleep. He is a poor sleeper as it is. But this morning I would have happily dropped back off to sleep, except for the next-door-neighbour. I thought I could hear some 'pinging' noises on our carport roof, and then the sound of a tap being turned on, and realised it was the neighbour trying to move the bird. Anyway, this wasn't working, and next thing I could see light beaming outside, and then doors slamming (glass doors), and next the profanities began...."For F*&KS SAKE!...F&^KING BIRD - I'M GOING TO KILL IT!...I'M GOING TO CUT THAT F*^KIN' TREE DOWN!" It was quite amusing, though I know the bird was driving him crazy! I shouldn't be amused, but he's been asking about cutting this tree down, as it has small leaves and he mentioned that they got into his car air-conditioning. Mind you, it only sheds it's leaves once a year, and also it's flowers once a year. It's a huge, big, beautiful tree, and it gives our unit fantastic shade. And I do love the birds sitting and singing in the tree (though I have to admit that this bird this morning was even driving me a little crazy). I can't bear the thought of having it chopped down, so I keep putting it off. It's alot of work cleaning the roof and gutters, but I think it's worth it. This tree was one of the things I loved about this unit. It has a certain energy about it, and I think it would be a crime to cut it down.

Okay...I'm just babbling now. I've got most of my stuff already packed. Now just for Philomena's things. Have a great week! :)

Saturday, November 21

It's that Time of the Year Again!

Photo 1: Montville, Qld
Photo 2: Caloundra - aerial view
Photo 3: Me - photo by Philomena

My lordy...hasn't this year just flown by? So much has happened, it's hard to get my head around it sometimes. And's that time of the year again...our annual Beach vacation in Caloundra!

This will be either year 4 or 5 that we'll be returning to the same place...location and accommodation. The place where we are staying at is really affordable, and only 50m from the beach (Bulcock beach) and 50m from the main street of Caloundra. The spot is lovely and quiet, very family orientated (lots of parks and playgrounds) and we can walk everywhere. The walk along the beach foreshore is fantastic and winds all the way around to King's beach where we love to go for the surf. And it's oh so clean!

When the weather is great, we usually start the day with an early morning walk around to King's beach. I usuallly go for a swim in the surf, while AW and Philomena go to the playground. We all then walk back, have breakfast and head back to the beach until about 10am. We usually head back out to the beach or go rock hopping and look for little creatures in the rock pools in the afternoon until dark. In between that of course we are at the playground (usually on our walks to and from). This year, my routine will be changed slightly, as I intend to do a couple of circuits on the beach. They have this little area next to Rolling Surf resort on the beach at King's beach which has exercise equipment to do pull-ups, dips, inverted rows, etc, so I'm going to give this a go before I hit the surf. Last year, Lisa Curry-Kenny was a regular jogger along this route, so I hope I get to catch a glimpse of her again - she's very inspiring.

We always make a point of going up to Montville on one of the days, because I love it up there, and a yearly tradition is to have devonshire tea and scones at the patisserie. They make the most awesome scones with fresh cream and jam! Last year they were closed, so I can't wait for those scones...two years is a long time in-between. We also go to the Maleny Cheese Factory, where we buy our gourmet cheeses to take home to enjoy at Christmas.

Then on one other day we usually go to a theme park. We've been to Australia Zoo now just about every year, so we're having a change this year and going to Underwater World in Mooloolaba. We think Phil will enjoy it, and it's nice for us too, to have a change.

And on Monday, we're meeting up with the ever-so-enlightened Nicole at Sister cafe in Palmwoods! It's always nice to meet fellow IBO'ers face-to-face. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm hoping Petah Lynch can make it too, though she has a hugely busy week and it's her birthday to boot.

Apart from that, I just love to potter around Caloundra and visit all the op shops (there's heaps of them). I always come home a few shades darker, my skin is glowing and I feel revitalised! We always sleep so well (we all have a nap in the afternoon before heading back to the beach) while on holiday and the time never goes's just perfect. I just love the beach lifestyle!

Well I'd better get moving. Lots to organise (like washing and cleaning) before I head off to Southbank this afternoon to meet fellow army recruits, Helen and Vebica, who shared hell and high water with me in Kapooka. Ve has flown all the way up from Melbourne, and I'm so looking forward to catching up with both girls!

Oh...and the second photo is a 'Philomena Photographic Special'. She's getting very good at taking photos, and knows how to switch between the camera mode and the viewing mode now. Phil took this photo yesterday while I was washing the dishes.

And weight this morning was 59.5kg, so no difference there (if you could call 100g anything). Not to worry. Only about 6 weeks now before I start some serious training for 2010 and Year of the Sexy Bitch!

Have a great week all you Sexy Bitches!

Wednesday, November 18

Introducing Chris...

...he's the one on the far right. And currently Chris is training me for my one-on-one Crossfit sessions. Christ Tefft is the owner of Crossfit Cult in Melbourne, and I have to tell you - I wish he was here permanently because he's brilliant!

He's not only very knowledgable, and a great communicator, he sums you up pretty quickly. It amazes me how well he formulates his sessions in a way that challenges me, yet maintains a fine balance in relation to my current injuries/restrictions, while teaching the core basics of CF, and tossing in plenty of variety to boot. And best of all, his enthusiasm is highly motivating and contagious!

Here's what is says on his background...

"I got my start in the health and fitness industry teaching rock climbing to adults at the age of 15. I went on to get my BSc.(Hons) in anatomy and exercise physiology. I spent a year doing medical research but realized my real passion is coaching. I’ve done my time lifting weights and getting “BIG” but I quickly lost interest. I needed to be challenged. I cycle, run, rock climb and play around with acrobatics but I’ve found my favorite sport now...CrossFit. People call me obsessed, CrossFiters call it dedication. When is the last time you weren’t sure that you were going to make it through you’re training session?

CrossFit saved me from the boredom of workouts and taught me what it is to truly push myself. It’s amazing what you can do when get outside of your comfort zone. Results for me honestly use to be how I looked, now all i can think about is doing Fran in under 2 minutes. Looks are just a nice consequence of increased performance now.

CrossFit has changed all of us as coaches in how we think about training. It’s has brought a challenge and a sporting atmosphere to training. CrossFit bonds training partners together and makes you want to train. We want to bring this to our clients.
The question is...
Are you ready to TRAIN?"

When I arrived for my session today my head space wasn't great. After last night's Army PT session (we did a circuit) and little sleep, I was feeling a little seedy, and wasn't looking forward to being punished today. Chris quickly took my focus off the negative and got me moving real quick. It's amazing when you shift your focus, how your energy quickly returns.

So afterwards, my motivation was back up. I felt fantastic again and it was the first time my body has glistened with sweat. And it was pouring off me so much, I had difficulty holding the bar and had to chalk up.

I'm on holiday next week, so I miss a session next week, but I'm hoping the week after Chris is still here in Brissy. He's not sure at this stage, so fingers crossed!

And lastly, on our first session we discussed my goals. Wow...what a difficult one. However, he pointed out some interesting things and quickly summarised what it is at this moment that I really want to achieve....getting back into group sessions (giving it my all) without injury. Nice and simple. That's step 1, and that's what we're concentrating on. But during our discussion about my goals for next year, he said something which really hit home and turned on a light inside my head.

He said something along these lines..."if you concentrate on Crossfit training, all the other goals and training (army and martial arts) will improve exponentially without you even realising. You'll get to a point where you'll be doing your army training/PT sessions, or your martial arts training and realise...'shit - this is just so easy, and I'm not even trying'!"

Now that excites me!

First Bloom of Summer

The time has finally come. I've been waiting since spring, and watching my climbing rose grow. I had 12 buds on my bush before I left for Kapooka, and upon my return found all buds had died. I was so disappointed. After speaking with a friend who is a horticulturist, I learnt that it was due to fungus. So after a good pruning back, fertilising, composting, and spraying the new buds with a fungus killer, I now have a beautiful rose bush once again. This morning I counted 15, including my first rose bloom above! Last year I only had 2, so I'm rather excited! This rose will keep opening up, so I'll post another pick once it's fully opened. It's an old fashioned french rose (Pierre de Ronsard), and has a subtle fragrance. When there's a few more that have bloomed I'll have to take another pic. I can't wait for the whole trellis to be covered, but that probably won't happen until next year.

Of course, Philomena had to get in on the camera action.

Monday, November 16


Weight: 59.6kg
Loss over a week: 1kg

It's one week before I go on our annual beach holiday in Caloundra. I'm looking forward to it, as per usual, and I hope the weather is as hot as it is this week in Brissy. Tomorrow it's supposed to reach 35deg C. Perfect beach weather! Wish we were there this week.

Anyway...somehow I don't think I'll reach my happy weight of 58kg. The main thing is, it's going down and I don't feel so fat - just a little flabby. I don't expect I'm going to lose too much more, as my nutrition has been about 95%. I had pizza on Saturday night for our date. I can't remember the last time I had take out pizza. AW and I guessed it was on our beach holiday last year in November. I also made a zucchini slice on Friday night, so I strayed a little from my perfect nutrition plan. But overall, the eating has been under extras.

Now...I just need to up the ante in the exercise department. I'm coming along verrrry slowly I have to admit. I'm in no rush for the remainder of the year to push myself too hard. However, I know once Christmas is over, I'll be hankering to get back on the horse and go for gold. By then, I'm hoping my body has fully recovered and I've gotten over my injuries and corrected the imbalances.

Have a great week all! :)

Sunday, November 15

Raising Daughters

Currently, I'm reading the above book by Meg Meeker, M.D. 'Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know'. It was a recent gift to AW from his mother, but I've been reading it as well, and I can't put it down. It's very interesting and well written, and it's from the perspective of a woman, whom as a daughter and a young girl, obviously had the fortune of having a 'strong father'. The author has also had alot of experience in dealing with 'problem kids' and family relationships, and she writes alot about particular cases she's dealt with, and the outcomes.

I'm really enjoying it, because I can see what we're doing, and I believe we're on the right track. I can also see that AW is a strong father and being a wonderful husband, I always knew he would be a wonderful father. My choice of husband has been and is a most wonderful blessing.

Philomena is now 3 1/2 yrs old. She's turning 4 in April. She's at a really delightful age and I love spending time with her. Watching her, I'm very proud of how she's growing into a little person, and how her character is developing. She's engaging, friendly, social, courteous, inquisitive, loving and just a pleasure to be around. And she's always complimented on how lovely she is by everyone.

However, I do realise that the world is such a different place, and as a mother, I have a legitimate concern about the pressures that the world places on our children to conform to ideals that are not in keeping with our beliefs. Society is teaching our children to be more selfish and to value traits that are not conducive to their long-term happiness, health and well-being. It takes a strong individual to resist the continual bombardment and to act with self-confidence, honesty and integrity.

The facts and statistics I read about in this book are quite frightening, so I'm glad that by reading it, I'm aware of what may lie ahead. I know we won't be perfect, however, by having a better understanding of what's required, I can be content in the fact that how we're raising our daughter will stand her in good stead to deal with challenges of the current world.
And to become a person who is content with whom she is, to live a life of hope, happiness, determination, kindness and humility.

So if you have young daughters (whether you're divorced or not), I'd highly recommend this book, not only for yourself, but your husbands/partners as well.

Here's the 10 Secrets Dr. Meg Meeker talks about:
  • "the essential virtues of strong fathers - and how to develop them
  • the cues daughters take from their dads on everything from self-respect to drugs, alcohol, and sex
  • the truth about ground rules (girls do want them, despite their protests)
  • the importance of becoming a hero to your daughter
  • the biggest mistake a dad can make - and the ramifications
  • the fact that girls actually depend on their dads' guidance into adulthood
  • steps fathers can follow to help daughters avoid disastrous decisions and mistakes
  • ways in which a father's faith - or lack thereof - will influence his daughter
  • essential communication strategies for different stages of a girl's life
  • true stories of "prodigal daughters' - and how their fathers helped to bring them back."

I hope you get to read it, and if you do, let me know what you think.

From another angle, I have to say that I'm aware that my current motivations and aspirations regarding the images that I put onto the net, are not necesssarily in line with what I want Miss Phil to think about her body. This is a dilemma for me. The images, which form part of my 'visual motivation', could be giving her the wrong message, so I have to seriously think about this and how it might be influencing her. I don't want her to think that being physically 'perfect' is a goal to be pursued relentlessly at all costs.

Though I had a conversation with her yesterday regarding 'being beautiful'. I was trying on the outfit I wore last night for my date with AW, and she said "mummy, you look beautiful. I want to look beautiful like you too". I thanked her for the lovely compliment and re-assured her that she was indeed beautiful. But then I asked her the question..."but what do you think is more important than being beautiful on the outside?" To my utter surprise, she replied..."people".

I'm becoming more wary, as Philomena is starting to ask about wearing make-up and lipstick, because some of her little friends are allowed to wear make-up, and I will not allow her to at this age. I suppose things will now begin to get more interesting, because she is at an age where she wants to wear pretty things. It's difficult balancing all of this, as I don't want her to become self-absorbed, as I see alot of young girls start to at this age.

Also, Anthony and I were hugging eachother and giving each other little kisses in the kitchen, and Philomena says to me..."are you and Daddy in love again?" (she says this every time to hug and kiss) To which I replied..."yes". Later on, she said to Anthony..."I want to be in love with little boys". Well, Anthony was taken aback and totally unprepared for that, but handled it well. For the time being he was happy telling her that she's too little yet to be in love with little boys, but it's okay to be friends with them. Oh boy! This is the start of some very interesting conversations. Well, I suppose, at least she knows that it's boys she knows she's supposed to like (and I don't care what your sexual preferences are - this is not a personal attack if you're gay - this is my belief and I don't care to be politically correct)!

Wednesday, November 11

Rememberance Day....Lest We Forget

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

- Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae
Flanders, 1915

The Menin Gate Reply

We have not broken faith with you who died
For just today 1,000 cried, when at your Menin Gate
They heard the Last Post's plaintive cry
Where high above the doves of peace did fly
And 90 years on, your ode was heard again so tested and so tried.

We also read the names of those who last felt dawn 90 years ago
And held one minute's silence in that sunset's glow
And tended those loved graves in which you lie
In Flanders fields.

We've also settled that quarrel with your foe
Using the torch your failing hands did throw
And throughout Europe proclaimed a peace on high
To honour the noble cause for which your fought so hard
and died.

So now, you can all deeply sleep - resting in peace - where
poppies grow
in Flanders fields.

- Jonathon King
Flanders, 2008


At the 11th hour,

of the 11th day,

of the 11th month...

We will remember them

Lest We Forget

Monday, November 9

Sexy Bitch!

Pauline Nordin that is...Sexy Bitch (music clip by David Guetta)!

Thanks to Raechelle for the pic above. Pauline is my new inspirational pin-up for 2010! Apart from her chest (cause I'm flat as), it's on for next year to have a body like hers. Okay,'s not going to be 100% possible, cause I have stretch marks and skin - compliments of motherhood, but that's the fun part...striving for it!

The upper body won't be too hard, cause I'm lucky that I have naturally defined shoulders and arms. It's the abdominals, and butt, thighs which is the hard part for me. It's quite difficult to rid myself of fat around those areas. Also, my waist isn't as small as hers, in comparison to my shouder and hip width.'s fun to dream isn't it? It's a big fuel for motivation to look at pics like these for me.

I'm not too sure how specific I can be...well I can't. I'll be concentrating mainly on Crossfit training and martial arts next year, so I know that I'll be lean. It will interesting to see how my body shape changes with the type of training. There's alot of upper body work and core strengthening and stabilising work in Crossfit, not to mention alot of squatting. I intend to do more kung fu training and I want to brush up on my kicking and bagwork, so I'll be using my legs alot. Though, I did tend to develop large torso & upper leg muscles from many years of martial arts training with all the kicking. Geez...I'm just getting excited writing about what I'll be doing in 2010!

Now...I haven't forgotten the little challenge we had going either...Hanni, Rachael P, Frankie, Kristin, Nicole...he..he.. Weighed myself this morning...60.5kgs...I lost 1.2kg's in a week! It's amazing what happens when you start moving your body. My nutrition still isn't 100%, so I'm aiming for about 95-100% this week. And after my weigh-in, my motivation has moved up a notch or two! SO COME ON GIRLS...FESS UP! :P

This week I'm having a private Crossfit session, as my body is not ready to get back into group sessions. I can't wait. I'm not too sure what to expect. It will basically be the same type of Crossfit stuff, but without the intensity, while I'm in rehab mode.

Okay girls...2010 is definitely 'The Year of the Sexy Bitch'! "Damn who's a sexy bitch?...a sexy bitch...damn girl! She's a Diva....who's a sexy bitch...she's nothing like you've ever seen before..."... gotta love those lyrics! :P

Have a great week all!

Friday, November 6

DOORS...Closing, Sliding, Opening...

"In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to
look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand.
Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself."
- Jiddu Krishnamurti

One thing about this rehab phase - it's a great time for contemplating life. I mean, I love the 'working hard, training hard, pushing myself' phase too, however, I've never had a problem slipping into the contemplative phase either. The latest talk about closing doors behind you has had me doing some serious life evaluation. I did do a small stint of that at Kapooka, but now that I'm back in civvie world, I've had the fortune of a different perspective, to help balance things out.

I've slowly been organising things since getting back. You know...sorting cupboards, cleaning the house, getting things squared away, etc. It's a bit like a spring clean - there's alot of decluttering going on, and not just in the physical sense. With all the major changes I've had in the last 18months (which I know I keep going on and on about, but it's true), there's been some things which have been building up, and alot of unnecessary stuff which is a consequence of all the changes.

I decided last night that it's time once again to jetison some debris that I know will slow me down. So it's time to close some doors that are no longer practical to keep open; open doors to give space to fresh air and further opportunity; and slide open a particular door that's been moving back and forward for some time.

When I made this decision I was watching a DVD of my all-time martial arts hero, Jet Li, in Fearless. I get quite emotional watching it, and I decided to skip over the violent part last night, as it was too upsetting. Last night I replayed a particular part that always has me thinking, which is when Huo Yuan Jia (who-aw you-en jee-ya) is practising his forms on top of the mountain. The link above is a clip of the Fearless theme song, and even if you're not into martial arts, I think you'll enjoy the clip. It actually makes me homesick for martial arts, and in particular chinese wushu (just to digress...another storm is brewing here in's dark, cloudy and quiet apart from the storm rumblings and thunder...ahhh...just love this's so ethereal!).

Anyway...those emotions got stirring again, and I started thinking about goals for next year and about everything that is currently going on in my life. I've had some recent deadlines to meet for getting stuff in, and I came to the realisation that some areas of my life which were relevant 3 or 4 years ago, were no longer relevant and that if I was honest with myself, my heart just isn't in them any longer.

And so I asked myself...why am I carrying this thing that no longer has meaning for me?

We all ask this of ourselves every now and again I'm sure. And my answer to myself was...I'm hanging onto it, because I've invested so much time and energy into it. So I keep hanging on, hoping that one day it will produce results. However, it's like a learnt through property investing - sometimes it's best to cut your losses. Take what you've learnt from it; cut it loose before it becomes a noose around your neck, and move on to something more productive and conducive to your future well-being. So that's what I'm going to do. And you know what? Just from that one decision, I feel so much lighter and more excited about the coming year in expectation of creating some new and awesome goals for 2010!

And lastly...I've been spending less time on the computer and I've felt so much better and achieved much more. I've been reading; spending more time with Little Miss Phil; cooking meals and special things; and doing more gardening. I'm so enjoying my garden right now and watching everything grow and flowers bloom (after bringing it back from the brink of death). My favourite pastime is sitting out the front porch (if you could call it that) or back patio with a book and a cup of tea or during my small meals, and looking out over the garden and watching the trees sway, the birds flitting about, smelling all the wonderful fragrances of blooming jasmine and gardenias, and just being in the present. I'm now waiting for my wisteria and climbing roses to bloom. An appropriate description of life at the moment as stated in one of LizN's recent posts...intoxicating! So I've included some garden...jasmine (I have more growing than in the photo), gardenias, rhododendrons...and Little Miss Phil - my most treasured of all (oh...and it's just starting raining on our metal blissful).

Sunday, November 1

OOPS! What 3 Wks of Contemplation Looks Like...

Oh Dear! This is what 3 weeks of contemplation (doing sweet f*&k all) looks like (you'll notice the bulge I'm not And it's all gone to the waist! Luckily I still look sought of fit, but who am I kidding?

Happy weight: 58kg
Weight before Kapooka: 59kg
Weight after Kapooka: 57kg
Weight this morning: 61.7kg! OOPS....

Lesson learnt...another experience clocked up on how long it takes to turn into a slob (not long apparently). This has been a health and social experiment (another way to say that I'm in denial).

Time to pull my finger out of my ass!

Hmmm...I'm wondering if I can undo the damage in the same amount of time (challenge to myself: HELL YEAH!)

Today is DAY 1...Week 1...3.7kgs to offload and counting down!

This is also a public admission and act of please feel welcome to firmly plant your boot where it rightly deserves to go...where I just pulled my finger


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